So what does one keep on himself on a flight, what are the necessary items? Let’s have a look.

  • Travel insurance. Although not a tangible item, buying yourself a travel insurance even on cheapest flight tickets to hyderabad is of utmost importance especially when it comes to longer trips. It’s the best in terms of a lot of arenas. Not only does it give the opportunity of covering you in case the airline you’re on goes bust, it also covers emergency medical costs, any kind of travel disruptions and more commonly, personal liability and stolen or lost baggage. Every insurance company gives a different kind of cover. You can remove or add bits that will help you feel safe in a flight.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. The most important thing about travelling is wearing comfortable clothing. Wear clothes that are pretty much unrestrictive. This is because sitting on an airplane for such a long time wearing clothes that cause discomfort can be a huge nightmare. Incase you have to meet someone important when you land, just carry a change of clothes in your hand baggage and get changed at the airport. Comfort should always be above fashion and if you can mix the two together then that’s a job well done.
  • Try pre-selecting the seat if you can.  If you’re a person who doesn’t like surprises, select the exact seat you want at the aircraft. If you’ll be using the toilet often, get a seat beside the aisle. A window seat works best for people who wish to take pictures or best, if they want to catch on some sleep and don’t want any botheration. Selecting a seat in advance is the best way to guarantee that you will be seated right beside the person you will be travelling with. By default, the airline will try and get you and the person travelling with you to sit together, but sometimes, depending on the availability you can get separated.
  • Get some flight accessories for yourself. Getting accessories is very important if you want to travel comfortably. A sleep mask, earplugs, travel pillow, blanket or anything that you feel will make the journey comfortable.
  • Get your own passtime. It’s important that you look out for yourself because spending time in the flight can be quite boring because you really have nothing to do. Carry a book or a few movies to watch or create a playlist for yourself. Most low cost flights don’t have an inbuilt entertainment system so it’s best to look out for yourself. Even though the availability of WiFi on flights is slowly growing, the list of airlines that offer it, is still considerably low. So it’s always better to carry your own entertainment with you.
  • Always carry your own food on cheap direct flights to hyderabad. Airline food is a dicey game. It’s not the best and sometimes it’s not for everyone. Always get some back up food along with you, or light snacks atleast so that even if you can’t eat the food served, at least you’ll not go hungry the whole flight.