BasicsProject is a non-profit research and educational initiative. Our mission is the advancement of Constitutional Literacy and exposing the threats of Progressivism and Islamofascism. It is our hypothesis that the advancement of the oppressive and totalitarian doctrines of Progressivism (through the manipulation of our system of government) and Islamofascism (through the portal offered by Progressivism’s tenet of political correctness and lawfare), coupled with the reality that we exist in a time when the American populace is effectively constitutionally illiterate, presents a “perfect storm” that threatens the very existence of the American philosophy, Americanism, the United States, as known by the Founders and Framers, and, in fact, Western Civilization itself.

BasicsProject works to educate the American people using primary source materials and culling qualified opinions – as well as congressional testimonies and the analysis of internationally recognized experts and think tanks. Our goal is the liberation of the American people from what James Madison called “factions” and special interests in government.

Through educational advocacy for our citizenry and providing access to reliable information via our publications and events, BasicsProject fosters the re-emergence of civic responsibility and active, responsible participation of citizens in their government. It is our belief that we, the American people one and all, need to have a cursory – if not a comprehensive – understanding of why the Founders and Framers found so much worth in our nation’s creation and why they valued this endeavor enough to risk dying for it.

When you become a member of BasicsProject you will get total access to our publications, research and multimedia products. This access provides you with the fundamental information necessary to both educate those who are open to hearing the truth about our nation’s founding and the threats our nation faces, and combat the propaganda from the Progressive and Islamofascists dedicated to the destruction of our nation

On the main Members Only page you will find three categories:

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Paying members are free to disseminate information in pursuit of the cause. All we ask is that you do not publish links to anything behind the membership wall. This effort is based on the honor system and we trust those who find our efforts important to puruse have enough honor to adhere by that code.

All we ask in return – for what is tantamount to lifetime of work – is for members to contribute a small yearly stipend. For the cost of a meal at your favorite fast food place (which breaks down to about $1 or $2 a month) you can not only receive world class and accurate information, but help preserve one of the last true independent information sources on the Internet.