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Nancy Salvato has worked in the field of education since 1986, her experience spanning grades P-12 as a classroom teacher and as a clinical instructor at the postsecondary level. She is an experienced higher education administrator with demonstrated proficiency in accreditation and licensure, governmental relations, operations, curriculum and instruction, assessment, utilizing a student information system (SIS) and a learning management system (LMS).

She received her undergraduate degree in History from Loyola University of Chicago and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Development from National Louis University. Post graduate study has focused the US Constitution, in particular, analyzing the historical, philosophical, and religious influences which culminated in this covenant amongst the citizens of this country and between those governed and those elected to office.

An accomplished writer, Nancy contributes regularly to The World and I, a publication of the Washington Times, The New Media Journal, Family Security Matters, and a host of new media publications.

Highlights of her career including being invited to the Department of Education to meet with then Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, being selected to participate in the National Academy for Civics and Government, and writing and publishing Keeping a Republic: An Argument for Sovereignty for and through her 501c3,

Click here to contact Nancy

Nancy Salvato's Commentary Archives
3rd String But Still On the Team *
9-11: We've Already Seen the Whites of their Eyes

A Balance of Rights

A Battle Cry for Freedom *
A Brief History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict ****
A Conservative Teacher in a Blue State
A Constitutionally Illiterate Congressional Leadership
A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing
A More Perfect Union Rests on a Balance of Ideas
A Primary Caucus Primer
A Superhero Without Special Powers
A Think Tank’s Credibility Tanks
A World Without Habeas Corpus
Abortion: The Chicken Or The Egg **
Academic Freedom
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Addressing the Propaganda Against School Choice
All the Shouting is Taking Us Nowhere
America's Passion: If Called To Duty
America's Starvation of Morality
An Abridgement of Constitutional Rights
An Afro Centric Curriculum Will Segregate Students
An Alternative to Impending Doom
And "W” Takes the Series!
Are Chicago Public School Teachers Property?
Are Guns to Blame for Murder-Suicides in Switzerland?
Are We Preaching to the Choir?
Article II, Section 1: Just Words
Back to School Blues
Bad Money After Bad
Bare Necessities: Hard to Attain for a College Graduate ****
Battling the Education Hydra
Beware of Greeks Chinese Bearing Gifts
Billions Wasted on Teacher Attrition
Blagojevich Re-Invents The Wheel

Caving in the Face of Union Politics
Celebrate Civic Pride Not French Obstructionism
Censorship May Open Our Eyes to China
Checks & Balances: Maintaining Our Liberties
Circumnavigating the Rule of Law
Civic Education Is Missing In The US Diet
Competition as an Effective Education Reform
Congress Shall Make No Law...Establishment of an Education System
Contemplating the Gift of Freedom
Counting the Votes Before They Are In
Current Issues of Immigration in America ****
Darling I Love You But Give Me Park Ave
Decreasing the Readiness Gap Between Preschoolers *
Defining Article 2, Section 1 in Context
Defining Our Role in a Global Society
Democratizing Education *
Developing an American College of Education
Differentiation Of Instruction
Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead
Direct Election v.Electoral College
Disenfranchised: The Buzz in Education Reform *
Dispelling Myths about School Choice
Doctor Shortage, the Next Pandemic ****
Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone

Down by the School Yard
Dr. Caroline Hoxby and the Last Decade for Education Reform
"E Pluribus Unum"
Early Literacy Instruction Leaves No Child Behind
East Is East And West Is West*
Educating Beyond Their Imagination ***
Education Opens Our Eyes to Enlightenment
Education Visionaries Must Prevail
Educational Privateers Could Revolutionize Education
Educational Reform Must Include Transparency and Competition
Effective Reading Programs Share Common Characteristics
Encroachments & Oppressions By The Representative Body
English Fluency: The Foundation of Success
English Language Learners Left Behind
Enlightened Citizens: A Dying Breed
Equitable Education is Possible
Eternal Principle
‘Excuse Me...Can You Help Me Out with Some Change?’
Failures of Appeasement
Follow the Money
For the General Welfare, or An Encroachment on Rights?
For the Long Haul
Forcing Good Teachers to Fade to Black
Free Market Closed to Education
Freedom of Choice Spells Academic Achievement

Further Left Than Multiculturalism?
Genocide Has Become Benign
Getting Beyond Polarization of Bilingual Methods
Glossary to Educational Choice
Halloween & Javier: Illegal Immigrants are Celebrated in Hollywood
Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Radical Islam
Harry Potter's Lesson in Mudslinging
"Heads” Bin Laden Wins, (Turning) Tails, Bush Loses
Healthy Bodies Equal Healthy Minds ****
Houston, We Have a Problem
How Secular Is "New Age" Education

I’m a Writer, Not a Financial Planner
If You Are Wise You’ll Listen to Me
Ignorance Is Bliss, Or Is It?
Ignorance Preserves Education’s Status Quo

In Defense of Freedom
In Just 100 Days
In Moral Relativism Who's Responsible
In The Aftermath of September 11th Some Of Us Are Still Moved
In the Midst of a Second American Revolution ****
Inclusion: A Broken Promise?

Independent Schooling Soars Above the Public Excuse for Education
Is a Bilingual Society a School Mandate?
Issues Needing Attention In Social Studies*
It Is Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil
It Stays in Vegas
It Takes a 9th Circuit Court to Raise a Child
Jeb & George Bush: True Education Reformers

Judicial Activism Undermines The Integrity Of The Constitution
Judicial Activism Undermines The Integrity Of The Constitution II

Keith Ellison: Will His Oath Be to Shari’a or Constitutional Law?
Kerry Fumbled, Bush Picked Up the Ball!
Kerry's Game Remains the Same
Laura Bush: Four More Years!*
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
Let the Records Speak for Themselves
Letting the Evidence Speak for Itself
Liberalism is Jousting with Windmills
Lyon Takes a Bite Out of Education Mediocrity
Making Sense of the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government
Measuring Achievement Against Objectives
Mental Health Trumps Individual Accountability
Michelle Obama on the Man that Would Be President
M-O-N-E-Y & Influence
Money, Influence & Motive
Moving On Up
Natural Born Citizens
NCLB vs. the NEA: The Line in the Sand
NEA Pro-Dem But One Bush Photo Stirs the Partisan Pot
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
News Fast
Next Year in Jerusalem
"Not Bush" for President
Not for the Medals
Our Legal System Hides From Bullies
Our Rites of Passage
Pin the Note on the Student

Please Stop the Aid
Political Science 101: Power Breeds Corruption
Precedence Takes Precedence
President Bush Shoots Arrows At Marriage
Prime Time Lie
Prime Time Primaries
Producing Good Citizens Trumps Ideological Short-Sightedness
Promoting Alternative Energy for the Right Reasons
"R" Stands for Reading Rat Race
Radical Islam And Moral Relativism Make Strange Bedfellows*
Raging Against the Anti-NCLB Propaganda Machine
Renewed Civic Vision*
Replacing Respect For The Teacher With Disrespecting The Student
Responsibility Reaps Its Reward
Riding the Train *
Risking Our Nation’s Sovereignty

School Reform Update
Screening Mothers and Babes Instead of Potential Terrorists
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff in Education
Setting New Standards with Online Education
Shackling the Individual by Imposing Racist Pride
Shifting the Focus to Effective Instruction
Should the Ends Justify the Means?
Showing Students How Just Makes Sense
Slow Down and Savor the Moments
So, I Asked the Universe, "Universe, What I Really Want Is…"
Someone Is Telling the Truth But No One Is Listening
Stealing from the Middle Class to Give to the Poor
Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones
Stossel Launches Potent Strike for Education Revolution
Student Apathy Will Be Our Demise
Student Vouchers Invite Government Involvement
Sunrises & Sunsets Are Both Wondrous to Behold
Teacher Burnout Takes On A Whole New Meaning
Teaching Is an Art and a Science
Teaching with Laptops*
Technophobia Serves the Status Quo *
Testimony To The Passion Of The Christ
Terrorism Allows No Room for Negotiation
The 180lbs. "Guerilla”: China’s Military Aspirations
The 2000 Presidential Election Revisited: The Federalist
The Advantage of Good Press
The Ant and the Tsunami Victims
The Arrogance of the Not-My-Fault Generation
The Basics in Education Shouldn't Be Agenda Driven
The Bill Of Rights: Its Intent & Application
The Black Hole of Public Education
The Building Blocks for Academic Success
The Confluence of Religion & Freedom
The Constitution, Two Candidates & An Election
The Desensitization Of Character
The Federal Role in Education
The Hidden Costs of Voting Early
The Issue of Dual Citizenship in the US
The Legacy of Rod Paige
The NEA Cries Wolf Again

The NEA Strikes Again!
The NEA: What Is Their True Mission?
The Oath of a Citizen
The Original Intent Behind Good Government
The Public School Lottery
The Reading Wars Continue
The Right to Defend Sovereignty
The Shell Game of Publicly Funded Education
The Shot Heard Round the World
The Siren Song of Judicial Activism

The Solvency of Education
The Trojan Horse of Political Correctness*
The Truth About High Academic Expectations
The Truth Will Set You Free****
The Turkey That Is Obamanomics
The U.S. Supreme Court in History and Today****
There Should Be Taxes on the GOP Platform
There's No Good Reason They Can't...Learn
There’s No Need for the NEA in Stepford
Three Good Reasons to Become a Teacher: June, July & August *
Too Many Cooks Running Our Schools
Treason and Slander in the Fifth Column*
Treating the Health Care Dilemma

True Patriots Put Country First
Tsunami Victims Benefit Most from US Citizenry
Two Americas or One Nation with Liberty & Justice for All
Undermining Our Sovereignty from Without & Within
Undermining the Covenant Between Mother and Child
Utopia or Dystopian Nightmare?
Voting Conscience, Not Color
Vouchers: I Get It Now
Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices without Union Vices****
We the People
What Does the Progressive Left Stand For?
What if Education Worked Outside the Box *
What If the Right to Life, Liberty & Happiness Was Relative?
What Is Globalization, Really? *
Where is the "Telephone Clause” in the Constitution?

While The Cat's Away, The Terrorists Will Play
Who is Accusing Whom of Having an Agenda?
Whose Body Is It Anyway?
Why Kids Can’t Read: Challenging the Status Quo in Education
Why Should We Tolerate Guest Workers? *
Will Political Correctness Indoctrinate Our Youth?
Without Parental Accountability NCLB Is Doomed To Failure
You Can't Have It Both Ways
Your Most Obedient Humble Servant, GW
*- Published in The Washington Times
** - Featured in the book Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture
*** - Published in the Arizona Capitol Times
**** - Published in The World & I Magazine

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