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Frank Salvato is the Executive Director and Director of Terrorism Research for a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) research and education initiative. His writing has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. His organization,, partnered in producing the original national symposium series addressing the root causes of radical Islamist terrorism. He is a member of the International Analyst Network and has been a featured guest on al Jazeera's Listening Post. He also serves as the managing editor for The New Media Journal. Mr. Salvato has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel, and is a regular guest on talk radio including on The Captain's America Radio Show, nationally syndicated by the Phoenix Broadcasting Network and on NetTalkWorld Global Talk Radio catering to the US Armed Forces around the world. Mr. Salvato is also heard weekly on The Roth Show with Dr. Laurie Roth syndicated nationally on the USA Radio Network. His opinion-editorials have been published by The American Enterprise Institute, The Washington Times & Human Events and are syndicated nationally. He is a featured political writer for and is occasionally quoted in The Federalist. Mr. Salvato is available for public speaking engagements.

Click here to contact Mr. Salvato
Click here for Mr. Salvato's regular weekly radio interviews

Frank Salvato's Commentary Archive
"... so help me God."
"24" or 5 to 12
A 60's Flashback Or People Just Living In The Past?
A Berry-Berry Ballistic Missile
A Bit of Common Sense in the War on Radical Islamist Terror
A Conservative House, Divided Against Itself, Cannot Stand
A Cornucopia of Gratitude
A Day of Unequaled Loss
A Focus on Ignorance in Nevada
A Google Search on the Net Neutrality Act
A Government Run by Mrs. Kravitz
A Kennedy by Any Other Name is a Churchill
A Lack of Vision or Democratic Chicanery?
A Little Wine, A Little Cheese And A Lot Of Arrogance
A Media Litmus Test
A Message For The Intolerantly Tolerant
A Nation Ignorant of Being at War
A Nation in Crisis
A Picture Prevents a Thousand Votes
A Plan, a Plan, Their Kingdom for a Plan

A Religious Duty, Gang Tags & The First Amendment
A Return to the Noble Art of Political Debate
A Single Reason for US Intervention in Iraq
A Standing Army for the United Nations
A Summer Camp Designed in Hell
A Weapon Of The Masses Destruction
A Week for the Earth; A Day for the Constitution
Abandoning the Democrats’ Timeline Idea, That’s a Good Thing
Ability Should Overrule All Issues
About the 'Muslim Problem'
Accepting Obama’s ‘Change’ Premise
Addressing One of the Casualties of the 111th Congress
Again With The Obstructionists From California
Agreeing with Charlie Rangel?! Get Out!

Al Gore Backs Bush-Hater Howard Dean
Al Ja-Propaganda
Al Qaeda Dupes Liberal Left into Fighting Jihad
Al Qaeda Strengthens, US Political Resolve Weakens
Al Taqiyya: The Islamist Terrorist's Weapon of Deception
Allegations Trump Adjudication Where Media Is Concerned
America's Ideological Dependency Eats Away at Freedom
American Liberty v. Obama’s Social Engineering
Amid All the Celebrity Deaths, A Reality Check
An Accelerated Curriculum of Ignorance *
An Email From A Young Palestinian
An Incredible Opportunity for Congress and America
An Occupying Force Or A Need For Stabilization *
And The Hits Just Keep On Coming
And They Say They Believe In Peace
And The Silliness Never Stops *
And While the Bright Shiny Thing Sparkled...
And Why Should We Be Surprised That They Would Flip?
Another Negative Entry to the Media's Performance Evaluation
Another Rogue Leader
Anti-War Protesters: Hateful and Ignorant
Anti-War Protesters Now Self-Serving
Are We Experiencing a Constitutional Crisis?
Are We Setting the Stage for The Islamic Killing Fields?
Arianna Has an Opinion…"So What?!" *
As We Say Goodbye The Light of Freedom Shines On
Assassinating the Democratic Process
At This Point It’s About Defining the "Win”
"Atrocities" in the War on Terror
Avenging the Death of Nicholas Berg
Bad Intelligence Does Not A Deceiver Make
Barack Obama: It’s More About His Choices
Barack Obama: Neither Oblivious Nor Deceptive
Barack Obama's Word Games
Be Patient. We Are Trying To Have A Revolution
Bebe Anderson Is Happy
Beware the "Memogate"
"Birther" Label Overshadows a Real Issue
Bush v. Kerry: There's Only One Issue
But It's Okay To Invade Haiti...
But The Left Said We Were Never Internationalized
But What If Zell Miller Didn't Forget?
By All Means, Ms. Pelosi, Let’s Examine the Funding Sources
CAIR Registering Numbers
Calling Out the Political Bullies
Campaign Donations, ‘Shady Sources’ & The Lies of the Left
Campaign Finance Reform...What Channel?
Can an American President Be a Muslim Apostate?
Can Extremists Shelve the Politics Long Enough to Help the Country?
Catering to the Democratic Convention
CBS/Infinity Radio: Saving Us from the Truth
Ceasefires in Islam: Not Always What They Seem to Be
Celebrating the Exit of a RINO, Cheering as Rome Burns
Censure the Race Baiter
Challenging the Status Quo
Change Doesn’t Come by Electing a President
Change Requires Going Beyond the Name on the Ballot
Changing the Rules to Suit Their Opportunistic Needs
Chirac The Wimp *
Civic Responsibility & The Blame Game
Civility? What Channel
Clark's Arrogance Will Be His Demise
Clarke's Contentions Close To Absurd
Clark's Credibility In Question
Clark's Ignorance Is Showing

Clark's Two Faces Are Showing
Cloward, Piven & Obamacare
Common Sense From An Uncommon Man
Compromise Always Positions to the Left
Confronting the Spin on the Fort Hood Massacre
Confusing Fear with Focus
Constructing the Buzzword ‘Extreme’: Alinsky Rules 11 & 13
Contemplating The Debts Of A Nation
Constituent Communication Suffers At The Hands Of Politics
Could Terror Fear be a Good Thing?
Could There Still Be More to the Story?
Dean: The Poor Little Rich Boy
Death Be Not Proud
Dems Call Bush Out on Strikes But The War on Terror Isn’t A Game
Democracy Doesn't Always Mean Liberty and Freedom
Democracy Without Liberty Is Just Authority
Democrats, Donkey's and Jackasses
Demonizing the Tea Party the Chicago Way
Denying Reality Brings Us Closer to Nuclear Midnight
Designating the Battlefields Is Essential
Determining the Intent of the Presidential Determination
Did the Resolution Condemning Turkey Create a Constitutional Crisis?
Do Americans Understand What Socialism Is?
Do Campaign Promises Fit Down Gitmo's Toilets?
Do You Remember...
Don't Cry for Me, Boston
Don't Mess With Texas? Texas Is A Mess!
Drowned Out by Katrina, Berger Gets Away With It
Duty. Honor. Country. Civic Responsibility.
Egos Trump Action as Terror Cells Remain Uninvestigated
Emphasis on US Mideast Policy Should Be Liberty, Not Democracy
Ethics At American Airlines Wanes At Elevation
Even When a Democrat Speaks the Truth the Left Won’t Listen**
Everyone Is Disenfranchised
Examining Republican Self-Destruction and the Term 'RINO'
Excuse Me, Senator Kerry, You’re Qualifications, Please?
Excuse Me? Whose Arrogance Is Being Forced On The World?
Extremists Have No Place In Our Schools *
Failed Policy in Iraq? Prove It!
Feeling the Pain of "The Falling Man of 9/11"
Fins To The Left
First, He Was a Community Organizer
Freedom. Worth The Cost. Anywhere. Always.
From The Mouths Of Terrorists
Gang Violence: The Ultimate Denial Of Free Speech *
Gaza & The One-World Media’s Propaganda
Genocide or Massacre, US Repeating Mistakes of the Past
Gitmo, Liberals, Politics & Deceit
Give Us Our Money Back. We’ll Fix It!
Giving Marriage Back to the Church
Good Teachers, Students In Need, Bad Administrators
Government of the People or By the Faction?
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Habitat for Hilarity

Habitat For Sincerity: A Reprise
Handicapping Outrage
Harboring An Excuse
Has America Lost Its Way
Have Democrats Been Marginalized Within Their Own Party?
Helen Thomas: The Vitriol of a Woman Scorned
Hello Darkness My Old Friend...
Help Comes To Those Who Help Themselves
Henry J. Hyde: A True Statesman and a Constitutional Steward *****
Hey, Barack, Hillary Only Suspended Her Campaign

Hezbollah Is a Terrorist Group, People
Hezbollah’s Filibuster
There Will Be No Civil Liberties If We Lose This War
Hillary Becomes A Revisionist...Again!
His Own Past Tainted Byrd Tries To Sully The President
Holder’s Justice Department Has a Racism Issue
Holding The Evil Accountable
How is Better the Wrong Direction?

How Many Rights Are Democrats Willing to Forfeit?
How Quick the Message Fades
Howard Dean's Liberal Vision & The Confederate Flag
Hurricane Katrina: Liberal Politics Kill
I Don't Dislike Democrats, I Oppose the Progressive-Left
I Don't Think They Will Be Leaving Before The Tab Comes
"I Know You Are But What Am I?"

I Love The People...As Long As I Don't Have To Know Them
I Swear To God...
‘I Will Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States’
I'll Take "What The Kerry's Refuse To Release" For A Thousand, Alex
If It’s Going to Be Amnesty, Let’s Do It Right
If Not South Korea's Business Then Whose
Ignoring ‘The Perfect Storm’ at Our Own Peril
Illinois Politics, Chicago Corruption...I Told You So
I'm John Kerry's Record and I'm Reporting for Exposure
Immigration Reform Begins in Mexico *
Immigration Reform or "Cooking the Apportionment Books” ***
In Response to a Letter from My Sister
Innocent Until Proven Guilty…Unless You’re a Marine
Instituting a Safeguard Against Political & Ideological Tyranny
Iranian Cartoon Contest Is Disturbing, Yet An Opportunity
Iraq: Reid's Political Opportunism Is Showing
Iraq, Syria & North Korea: Moe Larry & Curly With Weapons
Iraqis Protest Terrorism and No One Reports It *
Is Anyone on Capitol Hill Looking Out for the Voters?
Is It "Dejá-Taliban” All Over Again?
Is the Constitution Just a Grand Suggestion?
Is The New York Times Sorry for Trampling President Bush’s Azaleas?
Israel Extends an Olive Branch, Hamas Shoots At It
It Couldn't Be Due to the Fact That She's Opinionated *
It IS the War on Terror and the Man for the Job is George W. Bush
It Pays to Have (Appointed) Friends in High Places ††††
It Should Be Our Honor to Honor
It Simply Cannot Return to the Status Quo
It Will Be Interesting To See
It's A Matter Of Finally Putting Up Or Shutting Up
It’s Americanism vs. Socialism on November 4th
It's China's Backyard
It’s Not Obama’s "Stimulus” Bill
It’s Official...James Baker Has Lost His Mind
It's the Bottom of the Ninth and America Steps to the Plate
It's Time to Pay Close Attention to the Politicians
Jews In The United States: Whose Side Are They On?
John Kerry: A F*&kin' Class Act
John Kerry: Can You Spare Some "Change?"
John Kerry: Clandestine Transparency
John Kerry: The Scott Peterson of Politics
John Kerry's Hypocritical Global Test
John Kerry Politics: Enough Is Enough
Judge Roy Boots The Rallying Cry
Keeping a Check on Congressional Reality *
Keeping an Eye on China While Fighting the War on Terror
Keeping Partisan Politics Out Of The Classroom *
Kennedy Should Retire
Kennedy's Disgraceful Display
Kerry & Vietnam: This Time We Deserve the Truth
Kerry Cannot Win
Kerry The Panderer
Kerry's Past Is Disturbing On Many Levels
Kerry's Unwavering Arrogance
Lecturing Europe While Accepting the Social Structure of Brutality
Legislating a Terrorist Victory in Iraq
Let Freedom Ring As Long As You Are Not White
Let Me Tell You A
Let’s Blame Barney Frank, Chris Dodd & Bill Clinton
Let's Not Run Into Syria But Let's Not Shrink From Them Either
Let’s Talk About American Credibility for a Moment
Let's Turn the Spotlight on the "Phony Controversy *
Letting the Radical Islamist Cat Out of the Bag
Liberal's Gamble With Anti-Americanism
Literacy Is Pitched But Some Schools Balk
Looking at Liberia
Looking at the Thought Behind Christmas**
Loyalty to Self Over Country
Mahmoud Hitler & Hugo Mussolini Go to the UN
Massacre In The Congo Despite The UN

McCain or Obama? How About This Referendum...
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Misleading the World on the Darfur Conflict
Missing the Larger Point on the Public Option
Moqtada al Sadr’s Penchant for ‘Community Organizing’
Moral Relativists Just a Rationalization Away from a Crime
More Money & No Cuts Styled PAC’s Go Silent? No!
Multiculturalism Exposes the US to Terrorism
Must Have Been The Right Place. Must Have Been The Wrong Time
Nancy Pelosi: Come Fly with Me
Nancy Pelosi: Damaged Beyond Repair
Natural Born Presidents
NCLB v. the NEA's National Agenda *
Newsweek: Assigning Blame Where Blame Is Due
No Amnesty for the Disingenuous
No, Really?...Common Sense Won?
Not 'Able' to Disseminate 'Danger' Without Common Sense
Nuclear Semantics
Obama, ACORN & Their Starring Role in the Mortgage Crisis
Obama, Cheney & The Bright Shiny Thing
Obama’s European Tour: Arrogance, Ineptness & An Abdication of Leadership
Of the People, By the People, For the Terrorists
Of WMD & Saddam Hussein
‘Oh, God!’ It’s Bobby Jindal!
On Guard!
Once Again, It’s About Associations and Judgment
Once Again, The Perpetrators Accuse Their Opponents

Once Again They Talk From Both Sides Of Their Mouths
One in Three Donors are Foreign *
One Nation Under The First Amendment
O’Neill’s Contentions Warrant Skepticism
Opposing Estrada
Our Federal Government’s Basic Purpose
Paige Was Only Telling The Truth
Palin and the Power of Real American Women
Pay No Attention to That "Inconvenient War”
Paying Attention To The 2004 Elections
Perhaps Ankle Bracelets for the Gitmo Crew

Perhaps it is Time for Another Type of Islamic Revolution
Pelosi, Reid Bank on America's Sitcom Attention Span
Pelosi Worries About Politics Over Needed Legislation
Pelosi’s Rhetoric Should Be So Under-Funded
Place The Blame On Those Who Deserve It
"Please, God, No...It's So Hot, I'm Burning Up"
Politics Before Government Is Unacceptable
Pre-Occupied with Miers, America Misses That Terrorists Get Nukes
President Bush Misses A Golden Opportunity
Pretending to Speak for an Entire Culture
"Progressives" Hardly Speak for "The American People”
Promotions At The Cost Of Political Profit
Prove to Us That You’re Still On Our Side
Radical Islam By Any Other Name...
Radical Islam's "End-Game"
Reading Legislation...It’s Your Job!
Reaping the Benefits of the Paleoconservative Strategy
Recognizing the Reality of Radical Islam
Regarding Schiavo: Facts Need to Trump Emotions and Activism
Reid Fires the First Shot of What Should Be a Nuclear Confrontation
Remembering What Memorial Day Is For
Responsibility: The First Amendment's Custodian
Rid Of One Phony, Let's Get Rid Of Another
Rising Above During the Holidays
Ryan's Hope Fades to a Child's Nightmare
Saddam Hussein's Justice Needs To Come From All
San Francisco: The Mecca Of The Left
Selling Their Souls for Silver
Sen. Obama, Stand and Deliver!
Senatorial Skullduggery In The Judiciary Committee
September 11, 2001: Nine Years On
Setting Aside Political Differences for Common Goals * ****
Setting The 'Character Assassination' Record Straight
Shining the Light on the Truly Negative Campaigners
Simply Put, the US Mainstream Media Provides an Inferior Product
So, Do We Get to Call Dan Rather a Liar?
So Long As It Isn't John Kerry
So Much for the Consent of the Governed
So, Shall We Take Another Vote?
So, Tell Me About "Change" Again...
So, What's The Big Deal About Religion in '08? *
Some Rules Of Engagement: "Work With Me, Babe"
Sometimes The Race Card Isn't The Ace An The Hole
Specter: An Opportunist Guilty of Political Treason
Sponsored By Communists? Did We Win The Cold War?
Stepping Back from the Conservative Abyss
Stifling Dissent: The Fifth Column Nazis
Stolen Honor: When Turnabout Isn't Fair Play
Stop Whining And Get Back To Work
Stop Worrying - You Can Still Have Elvis on Your Driver's License *
Streisand's Memory Limited/Selective
Swinging Like Monkeys from the Branches of the Liberty Tree
Tea Party, Don’t Let Your Opposition Define You
Terri Schiavo: The First Shot in the Battle Against Judicial Activism
Terrorism & The Media's Herding Of America
Thanks For The Memories
That's Karl With A 'K', Right?
The 19th Nervous Communications Breakdown
The 9-11 Commission Makes One Thing Clear
The 9th Circuit Has To Go
The Acceptance of Thuggery for Fun, Power & Profit *
The ACLU Would Rather Let Terrorists Fly
The Agreement Worse Than a Filibuster
The Arrogance of Judicial Tyranny

The Artificially Inflated Self-Esteem of Barack Obama
The Anti-Assimilation Movement
The Axis Of Weasels

The Barnett Boondoggle
The Brat Pack Displays Its Ignorance
The Capture Of Saddam Hussein Was Staged
The Case for Reform by Stand-Alone Legislation
The Case Is Made Convincingly If You Look At The Facts
The Clinton-Gore Deceitful Fundraising Sideshow
The 'Clinton Wall' at the Justice Department
The Compromise of Credibility
The Compromised Wherewithal of the New Progressives
The Consequences of Park51: The Cordoba House
The Constitutional Crisis Started Long Ago
The Damaging Political Legacy of Addressing the Race Issue
The Death of a Soldier...The Life of a Patriot
The Democratic Party: Hypocrisy and Revisionism
The Disingenuous Anti-War Left
The Double Standard Is Alive And Well
The Economics Argument Slips Away
The Fifth Column Is Alive And Well
The "Fifth Columnization" of America
The Fine Lines Between Ideology, Reality & Fanaticism *
The First Debate was a Bust...Or Was It?
The First Shot in the War on Political Correctness
The General Election Is No Time for Conservative Discontent
The ‘Give Obama a Chance’ Trial Period is Over
The GOP: Locked, Loaded & Aiming for Its Own Foot...Again
The Great Satan to the Rescue...Again
The Ground Zero Mosque & The War of Ideas
The Harriet Miers Nomination: Ideology Over Process
The Humanity of the Liberal Extremist
The Humility of George W. Bush
The Incredible Judicial Disparity: Berger v. Libby
The Indictment of Tom Delay and Jeb Eddy
The Insolent Arrogance of the Progressive-Left
The Intellectually Stunted Practice of Bush-Bashing
The Intelligence Problem Started 11 Years Ago
The Issues vs. The Mainstream Media
The Janus Face of the Progressive Democrats
The Lack of Ethics in the Ethics Committee
The Last Great Flip-Flop
The Left Is Making a Mistake in Ridiculing the Tea Parties
The Liberal-Left's All-Access Media Pass
The Liberal-Left's Rhetoric Is The Same All Over
The Little Village That Shouldn't
The Mainstream Media Is The No. 1 Threat To World Peace
The Mainstream Media's Selective Terror
The Middle East, The World, at a Crossroads
The Muslim Brotherhood: An Association for Jihadists
The New York Times Has A Credibility Problem
The Next Missions...If the Tea Party Will Accept Them
The Only Real Strategy for Afghanistan
The Passion of The Passion
The Path to the Future Requires a Return to the Roots
The Phony Call to Work Together
The Politicalization of Adjudications
The Politics Of The Racial Divide
The Powder-Puff Book Of Etiquette
The President Is Not Due ‘His Due’
The President Unveils A Plan While The Democrats Offer Rhetoric
The Procedural Scheming of Boxer-Jones
The Purposeful Selection of a Supreme Court Justice
The Race Card May Have Been Dealt, But Who's Playing It?
The Real Atrocities of Abu Ghraib

The Reid-McConnell Bailout Bribe
The Red Cross Needs Some Human Shields
The Separation of Campaigns and the 527s *
The Separation of Federal & State Politics
The Special Interest Trough Leads to Corrupted Politics
The Tea Party Movement, The GOP & Making It Work
The Threat Is Real…Really
The Time Is Ripe for Divide & Conquer
The Toilets in Cuba Aren't Better Than Ours
The Top, Top Secret Files of John Forbes Kerry
The Two-Faced Brutality of Hope & Change
The UN Continues To Invalidate Themselves
The UN Gave Him His Inch, Now He Wants His Mile
The Ungrateful Demise Of Thanksgiving
The United States, 2010: A Rogue Government
The United States is Not Engaged in the War of Ideas
The United States of America Is Not a Democracy
The Walk Of Shame
The Worst Case Scenario: What If The Liberals Got Their Way?
There Are Monsters Among Us
There Will Be No Civil Liberties If We Lose This War
They've...Stopped...Thinking About Tomorrow
This Conflict Has Little to Do with Drawn Lines
This Election Cycle Is About...Revolution
This From A Man Who Married His Adopted Daughter
This Is Arianna Huffington's Brain On Drugs
This Is What a Vote for Obama Gets You
Those Damn Rich People
Time For Arafat To Ara-Shut-Up
Time to Acknowledge the Reality of War
Time to Admit the Realities of Pakistan
Time to Create a Legitimate World Organization
Time To Restructure How We View Who An Ally Is
Time to Spotlight Kerry's Attendance Record
To Be Clear, It’s Not the Government’s Money
Too Dangerous The Human Shields Run For Cover
Too Much Weight on the Hypothetical
Tough Medicine for Getting Back to Good
Transparency: Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Trying to Legitimize the True Lie
Turning Blue State Faces Red

Understanding the Concept of Reform
Understanding the Wahhabist Infiltration of America
Understanding the Worth of Our Nation
Using Every Tool in the War Against Radical Islam
Using Technology to Undermine the Ballot Box
Venezuela: In the Spirit of The Monroe Doctrine *
Virginia Tech Slaughter Raises Many Questions
Was It Ever Solely About WMDs
We Are Responsible for the Caliber of Our Government *
"We" Aren't Authorized to Do Anything
We Better Hurry Up and "Redeploy" So the Killing Can Start Again
We Blame the Politicians But We Put Them There
We Have to Talk About Elena Kagan
We Need to Be Careful for What We Wish
We Simply Can’t Afford Another Entitlement Program
We've Got Your Saddam Hussein Right Here!
What Do They Know and Why Don't They Know It?
What Does Dean Have To Hide?
What Ever Happened to Reforming the UN?
What Happened To Howard Dean?
When Ideology Masks Ignorance
What is the Color of the Sky in a Liberal Ideologue's World
What the Iraqi Survey Group’s Report Missed
When Academic Snobs Attack
When Donkeys Turn into One-Trick Ponies

When Justice Serves an Ideology Instead of a Nation
When In The Course of Human Events...
When Opinion Polls Attack
When Politics Has No Time for Government
When War Gets Politicized
Where Are The Protesters Now? *
Where Did The Idea Come From That This Would Be A Cake Walk
Which Is It, One America or Two?
Whitewashing 'The Dream' With Divisiveness
Who Did You Know, Sen. Obama, and When Did You Know Them?
Who Ever Said "The War Is Over"?
Who Really Violated the Geneva Conventions?
Who Would Osama Vote For?
Hold On There Politicos
Why Don't We Just Ask Them to Tell Us Their Secrets
Why Is There No Honesty Discourse About Terrorism's Roots?
Why Obama Will Throw ACORN Under the Bus
Why the POTUS Needs to Be a Natural-Born Citizen
Will Republicans Have the Courage to Hit the Reset Button?
Will We Allow an Overthrow of our Election Process?
With All Things, Facts & Truth Matter
Withholding Evidence of an Alleged Crime for Political Gain?
Women in Islam: Suffering the Barbary of an Ideology
Wouldn't It Be Lovely If Gore Would Go Away?
Would You Like 'Files' With That?
Yes, Mr. Obama, Words Do Matter
You Either Abide by the First Amendment or You Don't
'You Have Awakened the Sleeping Giant'
You Say You Want a Real Solution
* - Appeared in The Washington Times
** - Appeared a featured piece in
*** - Appeared in The Daily Southtown (Chicago)
**** - Appeared in the Tampa Tribune
***** - Appeared in Human Events
† - Prompted an appearance on The O'Reilly Factor
†† - Excerpted in the book The Hatred and Defense of George Bush by Christopher Luis
††† - Featured in the book Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture
†††† - Featured in the book The Fraudulent Senator

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