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Former Rep. Bob Edgar (D-Pa.), the president of Common Cause, said Organizing for Action would be an avenue for special interests to gain access to the White House.
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Labor Unions, Hollywood Open to
Bankrolling Obama’s Propaganda Arm

The Hill
Labor unions and Hollywood donors are open to bankrolling Organizing for Action, the outside group that has been formed in support of President Obama’s second-term agenda.

Traditionally one of the biggest donors to Democrats, unions are considering putting their financial weight behind the group as it tries to harness the grassroots power of Obama’s re-election machine.

“If Organizing for Action mobilizes or communicates on issues that are directly germane to or beneficial to the interests of professional firefighters, we would consider supporting the effort,” said Kevin O’Connor, head of governmental and political affairs for the International Association of Fire Fighters.

“We want to work with every partner that we can to advance the agenda of working families,” said Brandon Davis, the national political director for the Service Employees International Union.

Organizing for Action will reportedly have access to the voter database that helped the president win the White House again in his more than $1 billion reelection bid. Jon Carson, who worked in the White House Office of Public Engagement, is the group’s executive director.

To the dismay of campaign finance reformers, Organizing for Action will operate as a 501(c)(4), a tax-exempt vehicle that was used during the 2012 campaign to evade donor disclosure while spending hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign ads.

Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, this week said Obama should shut the group down “and remain true to the repeated warnings he has given the nation about the dangers of corporate influence-money and business as usual in Washington.”

Organizing for Action has pledged to reveal its donors to the public, and as a nonprofit group, can accept unlimited contributions from corporations, unions and wealthy individuals.

Former Rep. Bob Edgar (D-Pa.), the president of Common Cause, said Organizing for Action would be an avenue for special interests to gain access to the White House.

“I think labor is going to give to them. Corporations are going to give to them. Huge wealthy donors are going to give to them. They have no problem with that being known and will want to call up the White House for access,” Edgar said.

Organizing for Action is likely to turn to familiar faces for financial backing as it tries to get off the ground.

Unions were generous backers of Democrats during the 2012 campaign, cutting hefty checks for the convention and Priorities USA Action, the super-PAC that supported Obama’s reelection. Labor officials also opened their wallets to help pay for Obama’s second inauguration.

Even if corporate cash stays on the sidelines, Organizing for Action has a number of donor bases that it can tap for cash, including Hollywood stars and executives...

The entertainment industry was a fundraising juggernaut for Obama during his reelection campaign, and has shown a willingness to make the six-figure donations that are the lifeblood of outside groups.


Editor's Note: Ever get the feeling that the Hollywood fat cats' political agenda is more about "getting even" were the Red purge of the 1950s is concerned and less about what's good for the country?...Of course, that would explain the continuous stream of talentless crap coming out of Tinseltown as well...

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