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Ethnic lobbies and Progressive activists say they can win passage of the White House's bill, partly because GOP leaders were shocked by Obama's lopsided margin of victory among Hispanic voters in November.
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Obama Floats Ambitious Immigration Bill;
Stops Short of Amnesty

The Daily Caller
President Obama will soon push for a massive change to US immigration law that would provide a kind of conditional amnesty for roughly 11 million illegal immigrants, import more unskilled and skilled workers, and speed up visas for relatives of new arrivals.

But the White House argues that the ambitious legislation would penalize illegal immigrants seeking legal status.

Obama's bill was sketched out in a Jan. 12 leak to The New York Times, and it won immediate plaudits from the National Council of La Raza, a major Hispanic lobby group...

Ethnic lobbies and progressive advocates say they can win passage of the White House's bill, partly because GOP leaders were shocked by Obama's lopsided margin of victory among Hispanic voters in November.

Countering expected opposition, the White House said its bill would not grant amnesty to the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants in the country.

Instead, "the White House will argue that its solution for illegal immigrants is not an amnesty...because it would include fines, the payment of back taxes and other hurdles for illegal immigrants who would obtain legal status," the Times reported.

"The president's plan would also impose nationwide verification of legal status for all newly hired workers; add visas to relieve backlogs [of people waiting to immigrate] and allow highly skilled immigrants to stay; and create some form of guest-worker program to bring in low-wage immigrants in the future."

But the bill's future is threatened by a high unemployment level that has left 23 million Americans without full-time employment, and many others skeptical about the need for immigration.

A Gallup poll released Dec. 20 showed that only 2 percent of respondents believe immigration is "the most important problem facing this country." The economy and unemployment, together, were cited as the most important issues by 40 percent of respondents.

In previous immigration debates in 2006 and 2007, intense public opposition pushed many legislators to hedge or reverse their initial support for immigration expansions.

Much of the public's opposition was then based on worries about the impact of immigration on jobs and wages.


Editor's Note: With the Obama economy maintaining the longest sustained unemployment level since World War II, "undocumented workers" -- or illegal aliens -- are not coming to the United States for work in the numbers once seen. The only "illegals" coming to the US are the ones plying illegal trades both domestically and abroad: drug smugglers and dealers, human traffickers, gun runners, etc. Therefore, the promise of a secured border -- made by Progressives and Democrats each and every time the subject of immigration reform is raised, is proved to be a lie each and every time it is made. Last time, Progressives swore up and down that if we just raised the number of visas for this, that and the other they would go along with building a state of the art border fence worthy of a first-world country...So far, we still have dilapidated barbed-wire along great spans of our Southern border. To date, on just about every subject, be it taxes, healthcare, immigration, national security, entitlements, you name it, Progressives and Democrats lie, lie, lie, offering hollow rhetoric and false promises, all in the quest for power and enrichment. It's enough to make you puke...

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