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About Tony Rubolotta
Tony Rubolotta works in the technology industry.
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A Matter of Sovereignty
Tony Rubolotta
November 20, 2012
The original 13 sovereign states created the federal government to be the servant to promote common interests. The federal government was not created to head 13 subservient departments. The federal government has only those powers granted by the states as specified by the Constitution. Whether some people think this is a suitable arrangement in today's world or not, is irrelevant. There is no license in the Constitution that the federal government exercise power in response to the perception that federal power is not adequate for today's challenges. There is no license in the Constitution that it may be set aside or altered by the will of a majority without undergoing a process of amendment by the sovereign states. If we are to prevent the destruction of this nation, the states must exercise their sovereign powers as the masters of the federal government. It is we the people who must demand the states fulfill their obligations as the creators of the federal government and take responsibility to restrain their creation.

The federal government itself is incapable of self-restraint and has become the tool of an elitist class. The President summarized this attitude quite clearly when speaking of Hurricane Sandy and said that the people should do as they are told. Nancy Pelosi displayed a similar attitude with her infamous declaration that "we must pass it to see what's in it," as if she were Santa Claus with a marvelous grab bag of goodies that could not be revealed until we accepted her "gift." Congress has the same attitude in general. If the people do not like the laws we pass, let them challenge those laws in court because it is their problem, not ours. The federal courts are no better and seem to regard their role as redefining and reinterpreting the Constitution to give the federal government as much power as possible. No reasoning person can find anything in the Constitution that gives the federal government life and death control over the health care decisions of individuals, yet five justices found that power, not because it exists but because they want it to exist.

As individuals, we are incapable of resisting a federal government that will literally put its boot on our necks, threatening to take our liberty, property and even our life if we do not "do as we are told." We can expect no help from those people who have sold their souls to the federal government in exchange for table scraps and good feelings. Such people, having liberty handed to them see it as a burden and wish to live in perpetual childhood, looking toward the elitist to solve every problem they may ever encounter. They have been conditioned to have a slave mentality, to the point of resenting those who refuse to bow and scrape as they do. Some even view themselves as part of the elitist establishment, better than everyone else and obligated to care for their inferiors by empowering government to act on their behalf. That makes them "good people" despite the fact they accept so little of the personal burden to act.

Conservatives, after witnessing an election that signaled the approval of tyranny, incompetence, and elitist rule, are struggling to find a way to save the nation from the destruction that will certainly follow. Some Conservatives, myself included, are questioning whether or not the nation is worthy of saving. Why should we care about the fate of a nation of thieves, beggars, elitist snobs, and child murderers? Perhaps, in the spirit of Lot, we believe there are 10 good men to be found and reason to spare the city.

Various ideas have been put forward to save America. One is to let it self-destruct, perhaps even help it along by letting the left have its way and America will rise from the ashes like the phoenix. Part of that strategy has Republicans in the House giving Obama what he wants but with a stern warning. Haven't House Republicans done enough damage already and does anyone seriously believe they will escape blame? This is the "I told you so" strategy and assumes that the left really does not want America destroyed and will come to its senses. The problem is Obama does want America destroyed and the left has no senses. More often than not, economic and social collapse produces messianic dictatorships.

Another idea put forward is secession, but this is not far removed from voluntary and total destruction of the nation. Here again, Obama gets his way and America is destroyed save a few islands of hope. Of course, several unions may emerge along different geographic and political lines but it will not be America. I see this as a strategy to save what can be saved and accepting America's demise as a world power. Which of the new unions choose liberty and which choose dictatorship is also a hazard when these are placed in close proximity. Socialist dictatorships resort to war as both a distraction and means of plunder.

Many Conservatives urge fighting on but how do you fight? House Republicans, with only a few exceptions are feckless and steeped in their own little aristocratic fantasy world they wish to preserve at any cost. They are not going to risk their privileged status. Fight the media is another battle cry, but how? The bread and circus crowd is quite content with perverse comedies, psychodramas, surrealist TV, rags to riches game shows, a constant parade of social dregs and propagandized entertainment passing as news. This crowd requires daily doses of canned laughter, shock and awe, freak shows and direction on what to think about everything. Another idea is to take back the education system, but here again, how do you do that, and can it be done in time? I advocate homeschooling, but as an alternative to a failed education system and not a workable or realistic tactic to save America. Most parents will not be bothered and it would take several generations to have any effect.

Fight we must, but something more effective and immediate is required if America is to be saved. The fight must be at a level capable of challenging the unlawful acts of the federal government while protecting the citizens from the retaliation of a vengeful bureaucracy. How exactly this may be done will be the topic of the next article.

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