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“There’s a psychological effect that even if viewers hear something they know to be false, if it’s repeated enough, they begin to categorize it in their minds as truth,” said former CNN reporter Amber Lyons.
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Former CNN Reporter: CNN Accepted
Bribes to Ignore Brutality in Bahrain
Breaking here in the US are allegations that CNN and its CNN’s international arm engaged in accepting money from oppressive Islamic nations such as Bahrain to promote flattering reporting instead of the oppression the regime has engaged in against its citizens. CNN International also denied showing a documentary about Bahrain and its oppression on its people.

According to the allegations, former Emmy winning CNN correspondent Amber Lyon blew the whistle despite being threatened of being fired by CNN management.

The story first broke by the UK’s “theGuardian” and picked up yesterday by US based, Mario Murillo Ministries presenting the bias lean of CNN’s agenda-based decisions.

Last year when the Arab Spring began and was spreading throughout the Middle East, Lyons and three other CNN crew members went to Bahrain to film a one-hour documentary depicting the use of social media and the internet by pro-democracy activists in the region. Those who spoke with Lyon’s and her crew were dealt with retaliations.

Lyons and her crew were also detained and interrogated for several hours. Their photos from their cameras were destroyed by the Bahrain security forces who detained them. However, the documentary survived.

Lyons also stated that CNN International refused to air their own award-winning documentary, "iRevolution", a documentary that Lyons and her crew put together exposing Bahrain regime’s brutal suppression against pro-democracy protesters. The documentary is available on YouTube and includes the 13-minute segment focusing on Bahrain.

Lyon’s story was never widely reported here in the mainstream news media in the US In documents posted on the Internet, CNN responded to Lyon’s and Glenn Greenwald of theGuardian accusations.

In one response, CNN stated, “It was never intended to air on CNN International. It was an hour-long program about the impact of social media on the Arab Spring that was commissioned for CNN US, where it ran in June of 2011. The portion of it that concerned Bahrain lasted about 13 minutes. Despite Greenwald’s speculation about the editorial choices that are made when operating multiple networks with different audience profiles, there is nothing unusual about this programming decision.”

Lyon responded, “I was approached by numerous CNN employees, some employed by the network for decades, who told me this programming decision was suspiciously unusual. I've produced numerous pieces for CNN US that did not run on CNN International, but this was different. Other factors were at play here…Bahrain was a paying customer.”

She said that a long time executive wrote her and said, "Why would CNNi not run a documentary on the Arab Spring, arguably the biggest story of the decade? Strange, no?"

When CNN continued to deny her reports and the decision to not air the documentary on CNN International, Lyons in-part said, “CNN calls this ‘Journalism 101’. I call it ‘Propaganda 101’”...

“There’s a psychological effect that even if viewers hear something they know to be false, if it’s repeated enough, they begin to categorize it in their minds as truth,” said Lyons. “Once the pattern of CNN book-ending my work with government propaganda became inevitable, I began to wonder if it was better for the plight of Bahrain’s pro-democracy protesters if I just quit reporting on Bahrain for the network altogether."


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