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About Thomas D. Segel
Thomas D. Segel, a career journalist and broadcaster, completed 26 years of service in the United States Marine Corps, with the majority of his assignments spent in joint service commands covering military events and action throughout Asia. His post military career was as Director of Information for the Marine Military Academy, followed by employment as a Texas state official. His position at the time of retirement was Director for the Division of Information, Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Rio Grande State Center.
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Unfavored People Are Targets During Political Campaigns
Thomas D. Segel
February 16, 2012
When I view the campaign strategy of Barack Obama, it appears to me as if he is attempting to base an election victory on a plan that will prove itself to be detrimental to the poor, the immigrant, the elderly, the military retiree and the handicapped. He will continue making false promises to the poor, because they are willing to grasp at any lifeline they perceive is being tossed their way. He can take actions against the elderly because he views them as expendable and of course, the military retiree and the handicapped, a large number of which are made up of war veterans...well they just cost to much money. That is money he sees as being better spent on both crony capitalism and the false hope of green energy.

Such hurtful actions can be seen across the country. Here in Deep South Texas during almost four decades we have personally observed, the multiple counties of the Rio Grande Valley have never moved above the poverty line. Unemployment, even during prosperous times, hovers between 11% and 14%. Half of the population is deeply dependent upon government relief assistance just to survive. Still, the population votes strongly Democratic largely because the people believe they cannot keep roofs over their heads and food on the table without those monthly government checks and food stamps. Promises of jobs and training programs are repeatedly made by those seeking office on th Democratic ticket, but they are token actions at best, if they even make it past the promise stage of a campaign. Still, for some strange reason, the poor look upon the Donkey brand as their only savior.

Texas and all of the states which border Mexico face the ongoing problem of illegal immigration and with this constant flow of human traffic across our border, the drug wars and serious crimes that accompany such trafficking. Because national security and immigration are such “hot button” issues it seems strange that Obama Administration is on all sides of the problem. It can be argued that government actions to deport those illegal immigrants convicted of crimes has been far more severe than the actions of previous presidents. At th same time the current national leadership has done next to nothing to secure our borders or end cross border crime. The highly controversial actions taken such as “Fast and Furious” gunrunning have been disastrous. Not only has the Administration refused to help Congress get legitimate answers to the grossly mismanaged program, but will not even admit to causing extreme harm to the country, including the deaths of citizens. When states attempt to control their own borders in th absence of federal action, they are met with multiple law suits attempting to neutralize states rights.

Obama and company have already told the elderly population that they are a severe drain on the programs he views as better for the country. The super secret Obamacare package that is still coughing up bad healthcare provisions, was paid for in part by cutting more than half a billion dollars from Medicare, directly causing a negative impact on the elderly. Now with the submission of the Administration’s 2012 budget request, he plans on trimming another $300 million from the Medicare program, hitting the elderly for a second time.

Military retirees have always been a target of the Obama clan. Here is perhaps the single body of American citizens which ranks at the pinnacle of sacrifice and service to the nation. Yet this Democrat leadership keeps sniping away at every thing from military pay checks, to their retirement plan and from the overall retirement costs to the healthcare provided by the nation.

Less than one percent of the total population has ever stepped forward and taken up arms on behalf of the nation. All who did wear the uniform and served through their youth and middle age to protect this nation of 300 million people deserve far more than they have ever been granted in the way of providing for them after service. The latest hit at the retired military comes in the form of a plan by the Administration to remove another 13 billion dollars from military healthcare. They would pay for this by charging fees to the retired personnel and their family members starting out at $135 each this October and increasing to $475 a person within five years. It would also triple the cost of copays for pharmacy coverage.

One young retired soldier I know lost a leg in Iraq. He has struggled continually to obtain everything from quality healthcare to living accommodations. Not only does this veteran suffer the handicap of losing one limb, now Obama and the Democrats want to charge him a “right arm.” Increased costs for medical coverage and drugs will have a serious impact on the life of a man who after giving so much of himself while in uniform, must now try to live in a country where he is inadequately cared for. The Wounded Warrior Project is doing everything it can to help him and hundreds of other veterans in similar circumstances, but after their great sacrifices outside help should not even be required. A grateful nation would care for all of the handicapped veteran needs. That idea is not even on the Democrat radar.

Is there a pattern here? It could be seen as a campaign to attack some of the weakest factions in America, just to buy votes from those who will wave the Democrat flag.

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