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About AJ DiCintio
AJ DiCintio is a Featured Writer for The New Media Journal. He first exercised his polemical skills arguing with friends on the street corners of the working class neighborhood where he grew up. Retired from teaching, he now applies those skills, somewhat honed and polished by experience, to social/political affairs.
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The Right Fix for Inexcusable Behavior
AJ DiCintio
January 20, 2012
Ex-candidate Rick Perry shoots his campaign in both feet with a stunning gaffe regarding the critically important issue of cutting fat, waste, and power from a frighteningly ravenous federal government.

Sixty days later, he doesn’t just unleash attacks on Mitt Romney’s work at Bain Capital, he does so by slinging the slur “vulture capitalist,” an act that defines him as a brother to quacks who tend to politically wounded liberals (think Michael Moore and Valerie Jarrett).

Newt Gingrich adds fuel to charges he suffers from a case of Recurring Lapse of Reason Disorder when, ignoring George Washington’s advice about the wisdom of political checks and balances, he proposes a policy that would permit leftist politicians to call Chief Justice John Roberts on the carpet to explain a ruling they (along with Bill Ayers, et al.) find grossly lacking in “empathy.”

Three weeks later, he explains his support of Perry’s unconscionable attack on Romney not with facts about the actual number of jobs the venture capitalist helped create, thoughts about whether the fees he charged were excessive, and ideas for reforming how the capital gains he earned are taxed but merely by reminding voters (with an air of adolescent seriousness) that a candidate’s claims deserve scrutiny.

In responding to the attacks, accomplished businessman Mitt Romney fails to summon up Plain English to explain how venture capital works. Instead, he speaks as if he were lecturing students at the Harvard Business School, a mistake made all the more astounding by the fact that Main Street’s voters are desperate to hear truths regarding how to reverse the decline in the number and quality of American private sector jobs.

He also fails to mention that as the nation’s most powerful venture capitalist at Federal Government Incorporated, Barack Obama continued to pump taxpayer money into the tanks of GM and Chrysler (until the meter reached “$50 billion”) but only on the condition that thousands of auto workers be laid off, a number of entire auto lines shut down, and hundreds of dealerships closed, resulting in thousands more job losses across the nation.

He further fails to point out that having avoided the independence as well as the expertise of bankruptcy courts, Obama used the enormous power of the Oval Office to force workers to renegotiate contracts at lower wages and benefits, bondholders to accept losses he deemed reasonable, and GM to install a CEO acceptable to him, Democratic politicians, and liberal bureaucrats overseeing the “reorganization.”

Finally, and incredibly, Romney fails to inform voters that when Obama recently proposed combing a few insignificant federal agencies to save a pittance against a ruinous annual deficit of $1.5 trillion, he treated government workers far differently, insisting that every job cut be accomplished through attrition over the beloved ten year period he insultingly announces for every one of his phony reforms.

The inexcusable behaviors recounted above exposes the reality that the quest for power alone exerts corrupting effects upon the human psyche. Therefore, they serve as a most excellent reminder of how blessed Americans have been to be recipients of a legacy teaching that in the best of all possible political worlds, power is held close to the Constitution’s We the People.

But to return to the momentary lapses of reason exhibited by Romney and Gingrich, the current leading Republican candidates, it is possible to say their problems are not irreversible...

If they will learn from fellow hopefuls who have done what political dark horses often do, which is to reject ostensibly safe, insipid language as well as attack-at-any-cost strategies that are the stock-in-trade of typical political advisers to speak courageously, passionately, seriously, and rationally about crucially important issues.

During the South Carolina debate, Rick Santorum exhibited just those qualities when he pointed out that mathematical realities make it impossible for Gingrich to spend hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions, to implement an alternative to the existing Social Security regime without first bringing the federal budget under control.

Moreover, Santorum didn’t stop there. Having brought up the problem of Social Security, he added that given the enormity of the federal debt and deficit, it is time at least to consider means testing Social Security payments to the nation’s very richest citizens.

What if Gingrich would imitate Santorum by exercising the humility of limiting himself to speaking a few hard truths about what needs to be done about fixing a broken Washington, including that part of the federal government that has allowed the nation’s largest banks to grow into multi-trillion dollar behemoths that have made casinos not just of themselves but the stock and commodities markets?

What if Romney learned from the former Senator and began speaking with passion and courage about fixing America’s problems, including, for instance, why it doesn’t serve the national interest to tax the capital gains made by hedge fund managers and others who earn billions merely speculating on market moves in this currency or that commodity at the same rate extended to citizens whose investments are infinitely more important to their country’s well-being?

Among its other positive consequences, that kind of smart bravery would cause serious damage to the false and lying campaign of class warfare Democrats plan to make the centerpiece of their campaign, giving Newt a very good chance of unseating Obama come November, Mitt a high probability of routing him.

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