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About Thomas D. Segel
Thomas D. Segel, a career journalist and broadcaster, completed 26 years of service in the United States Marine Corps, with the majority of his assignments spent in joint service commands covering military events and action throughout Asia. His post military career was as Director of Information for the Marine Military Academy, followed by employment as a Texas state official. His position at the time of retirement was Director for the Division of Information, Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Rio Grande State Center.
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Our Political Elite: Out of Tune with Reality
Thomas D. Segel
January 18, 2012
With Jon Huntsman leaving the presidential race, political pundits from the far left to Rush Limbaugh on the right are trying to come up with something to justify his actions. The liberal media say Huntsman was just “too civil” and too much of a gentleman for the hate filled right that want nothing but red meat and enemy blood from their candidates. Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, just reports the mainstream media angst and says Huntsman was too much of a moderate. In truth, lack of financial support was most likely the key and the Huntsman family was unwilling to spend their own dollars to support a candidate in the rear of the pack.

What about this question of conservatives only wanting red meat and hurt speech? Does it have any validity? I posed this question to readers across the country. It should be noted, however, that when you address any topic using those who make up your personal list of friends and associates, the only thing you can be sure of is…the comments are only relevant to that particular time and locale. That being the case, it can only be reported that from this vantage point in the country, people are really not that happy with many of the Grand Old Party favorites now vying for the top job in the United States of America.

Robert Rohrer is a Marine veteran who says, “I am disgusted to see them (GOP candidates) destroy each other instead of getting together, preparing a unified platform and focusing on Obama.”

Charlie Carr opines, “The circular firing squad is disgusting, driven by ideologue super packs, but accepted by Gingrich and Perry.”

Joseph Peek feels all these attack ads and comments are, “useless, time wasting and hurtful to all involved.” He also thinks, “the whole mess is stinky, the debt is out of sight and pork can be cut drastically.”

Chris Eaton believes, “This is typical politics down through the ages. It is pretty weak, with the sharks feeding on each other rather than attacking the major issues.”

Franklin Rogers feels that “They are too bent on bringing down rival candidates. The Chairman of the Republican National Committee is derelict in his duties. He should have called a summit of the candidates to get them to sign an agreement not to attack each other, but to focus their attacks on Obama. They should be stating their strengths, not going after the perceived weakness of fellow candidates and feeding ammo to the Democrats.”

The comments didn’t end there.

Retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Richard L. Fisher, Jr. put it this way, “The race looks and sounds like a bunch of grade school monkeys pulling on each other’s tails. They are screaming like they are hurt, but they are really not smarter than those constituents they are trying to fool.”

Aaron Davis, a former member of my staff, is now a conservative independent candidate for Utah Legislative District 52. He writes, “We keep shooting at ourselves and wondering why we are always disappointed. The current state of the country seems to be of no importance to these political lackeys.”

When asked about candidates attacking each other, Sergeant Major Grant Beck said, “This topic gives me the most heartburn. If I were the Democrats, I would just sit back and take notes as each of these Republicans snipe at each other and dig up bad sound bites and shortcomings on the other candidates. Soon, they can break out their notes and fire ways….’According to your peers, on such and such a date,… etc.,etc.’ I can’t understand why these candidates don’t understand they are hurting their own cause.”

There were dozens upon dozens of similar comments that will be reported on in more detail.

Though most of this mailing list is made up of veterans, military retirees, conservatives and of course fellow Marines, it can be reported that not a single respondent looked favorably upon any presidential candidate who engaged in personal attack campaigning.

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