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About Thomas D. Segel
Thomas D. Segel, a career journalist and broadcaster, completed 26 years of service in the United States Marine Corps, with the majority of his assignments spent in joint service commands covering military events and action throughout Asia. His post military career was as Director of Information for the Marine Military Academy, followed by employment as a Texas state official. His position at the time of retirement was Director for the Division of Information, Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Rio Grande State Center.
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Mourning for a Failing America
Thomas D. Segel
January 13, 2012
Ronald Reagan once reminded us that it was still “Morning in America”. Today, many of us are looking at all of the transpiring events of the day and instead of the Reagan mantra, we are mourning for a failing America.

The news bulletins that flashed across our television screens and headlined our newspapers over the past holiday season were sad enough to dampen the festive mood of many Americans.

We have the ever-increasing threat of Iran, combined with an Administration that treats this rogue nation’s growing nuclear possibility as if it were some tiny civic squabble.

We have a Justice Department that constantly attacks issues and legislation that are legitimate state rights.

We have a President who looks upon our Constitution as if it were merely a list of suggestions he can follow or ignore as his mood demands.

While these serious issues with international impact unfold, we have seen our national debt grow to the point where it now equals the total annual income of the country.

At the same time we have learned our housing market is not only in a dangerous financial meltdown, but growing worse. The country is awash with vacant houses seeking unavailable new owners. Foreclosures escalate monthly and many homes across the nation have declined as much as 45% from their peak value.

Everything from government regulations to the weather has wreaked havoc with our food supply. The government has also reported that in addition to escalating food prices across the country, more than 46 million Americans require some form of assistance to keep themselves and their families fed.

None of these concerns even come close to the wide spread impact of a failed economy. While more than 14 million Americans are reported to be unemployed, the actual figure is much higher. In addition to the actual job seekers, another 3 million Americans have decided to just drop out of the work force. Instead of an 8.6% unemployment rate, the country is really facing between 10% and 14% unemployment. Across the country major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Jacksonville, Detroit, Las Vegas and Tampa are reporting double-digit unemployment. This does not include smaller towns, such as the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where unemployment ranges from 10% to 15% of the population. Hovering over all of this bad news is President who has held only one so-called job summit...and 73 reelection fund raising events.

Using all of these dark reports as a background for the Administration and Congress to reflect upon and take positive action, we have instead, one of the worst examples of political or governmental failure in the past 223 years. Perhaps the only period in our history when there was a worse governmental climate was the decade between 1850 and 1860 when the performance of both the executive branch and the legislative branch was so bad that it could not reach a reconcilable position and the nation erupted into civil war.

Today we have rule by presidential mandate, which remains questionable under the Constitution. We have an inept Congress that not only can’t pass a budget, but also cannot even cut the national debt by any meaningful dollar figure. Instead they pawn off their major problem on a so-called Super Committee that proved itself to be equally bad and unable to take any action to relieve pressure on our ever-growing national debt.

To the spirit of the Gipper we can only longer do we see morning in America, but we do see mourning for those things that used to be and are now withering on the vine.

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