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"I'd rather shut the place down than be involved in any effort to install RINOS like Romney or Giuliani into the White House!! Do NOT push this crap on FR. Take your business elsewhere!!," wrote FreeRepublic owner Jim Robinson.
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FreeRepublic Censors Romney Supporters
FreeRepublic founder Jim Robinson has a message for supporters of Mitt Romney: go away. In an email to POLITICO this afternoon, Robinson admitted that the site routinely blocks Romney supporters from posting -- and offered no apologies for the practice:

"FreeRepublic is a pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-small government, pro-constitution, pro-liberty site. Governor Romney is none of the above. His record is that of an abortionist, gay rights pushing, gun grabbing, global warming advocating, big government, mandate loving, constitution trampling, flip-flopping liberal progressive with no core values. That and the fact that he is the chief architect and advocate for ObamaCare disqualifies him for any consideration whatsoever on FreeRepublic as a potential nominee for the presidency...

"Liberal progressives and other enemies of the constitution and or of Liberty itself are not welcome here. Accounts registered here by liberal progressives and other assorted trolls, malcontents and disruptors will be removed on sight or at the convenience of the site administrators."

The site came under fire from Ross Abraham, a blogger for Mitt Romney Central, who wrote today that FreeRepublic is just one of several sites on the right-wing Internet that are pretty much off limits to Mitt Romney's supporters.

"Now, for some reason, these editors/moderators are so insecure in their prejudice against Gov. Romney that they ban people who openly support Gov. Romney. FreeRepublic (mostly because of it’s [sic] owner Jim Robinson) has purged all of the Romney supporters they could from the site in two waves of purges over the last few years. The anti-Romney and anti-Mormon bigotry evident at FreeRepublic now is absolutely sickening."

But FreeRepublic has made no secret of its dislike for Romney -- Robinson has written a handful of posts that are hostile to Romney this year.

He posted on "why we can never support Mitt Romney" earlier this month, saying Romney has "violated nearly every plank in the Republican party's official pro-God, pro-Life, pro-Family, pro-Constitution, pro-Liberty platform."

And in May, Robinson explicitly said Romney supporters are not welcome:

"I'd rather shut the place down than be involved in any effort to install abortionist/gay rights pushing RINOS like Romney or Giuliani into the White House!! Do NOT push this crap on FR. Take your business elsewhere!!"

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Editor's Note: So much for open discussion and presenting a cogent argument based on fact to persuade rather than bully. It is our experience that Jim Robinson is a bully and an egotist. And although he has the absolute right to do what he wants with his website, he is doing a great disservice to everyone on the Right who would benefit from being able to fully examine the facts on Romney, or any candidate or issue. FR users would do better by their time to engage in a more educational and informational platform. That said, and in the interest fo transparency, NMJ has been banned from FreeRepublic because we dared to ask them not to print original analysis (not news) content in its entirety, instead, asking them to take an excerpt and providing a link so that we might get some traffic to the site. The immediate response was to be publicly dismissed, misrepresented and banned. Is Robinson an jack**s? You make the call...Nevertheless, NMJ has not banned FR...

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