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About Abernathy A. Crum
Abernathy A. Crum is a retired gentlemen of the old south who has decided to throw his hat into the political opinion ring. A patriot and raconteur who delights in all things American, Mr. Crum is aware that all Americans regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual preference or ethnic origin are animated to productive industry by the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. He see’s hard times coming, and is resolved to do something about it.
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Exploiting Children:The Wicked Schemes of Democrats
Abernathy A. Crum
June 26, 2014
About 8 months ago, administration cronies and appointees started letting the press, immigration activists, and government apparatchiks in Central and South America know that illegal immigrants would not be impeded when entering US territory as Obama would block border enforcement. Within a few months, the flow started as a trickle and turned into a flood, an ever-expanding crisis that shows no signs of abating. These newest cross border invaders are young mothers with toddlers, even infants, grade school age children, middle school and high school teenagers, and all believe they will be allowed to stay.

So sure that their plan would work, the Federal government (DHS) advertised for a vendor contract to handle unaccompanied children to the tune of 65,000 when the highest ever encountered previously was a mere 5,000. They did this in January, long before the trickle turned into a deluge. This is no coincidence; it is purposeful.

We must be crystal clear. The Obama administration choreographed this for purely political purposes. They are using children to influence the perceptions of the American citizen. After all, who doesn't like kids, particularly kids escaping poverty, cartels, bad diets, and whatever other tear jerking excuse they can dream up?!

This blatant manipulation intends to pull the heartstrings sufficiently to achieve the immigration goals of the Democrats. A special kind of heartlessness endangers children, puts them directly in harm's way, for politics. Handing people enough hope to entice them to cross wastelands under criminal cartels and "coyotes" susceptible to unimaginable crimes and exploitation for an uncertain future, is as vile a thing as one can imagine. Obama has done it.

In this, they have set up the straw man and they will knock it down with immigration "reform." The disaster this will be for the nation concerns them not one iota as long as it is good for the Democrats. The intrepid press is complicit, a wholly owned subsidiary of the left and silent on the origins of the crisis. They approve. What of the children's welfare after this stratagem plays out? Who cares, the ends justify the means.

The new Democrat Party motto should be: "Party over nation, power over the people."

Welcome to the Socialist Democracy of America.

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