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Can Environmentalists Deceive Conservatives?
Gina Miller
April 26, 2014
If only the environmentalists would simply tweak their message to make it more palatable to conservatives, we could once again have bipartisan agreement that the premises of environmentalism are desirable. That's the sentiment of a column published Friday at the Huffington Post. In her piece, "How to Talk to a Conservative About the Environment," Robyn Purchia seems to believe that it really is just a messaging problem that keeps conservatives from accepting the environmentalist agenda, as if conservatives somehow don't understand what it's all about.

She writes:

Not too long ago, environmental reform was a bipartisan, no-brainer issue. President Richard Nixon, a social conservative on many issues, established the Environmental Protection Agency. Our major federal environmental laws, like the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, were all passed with bipartisan support, as was later legislation which strengthened them. But things have changed. Data from the Pew Research Center shows that Republican support for the environment has sharply declined.

What happened? What changed so drastically in the 40 years federal environmental laws have been in existence?

Putting aside the unconstitutional, federal power grab in Nixon's establishment of the EPA, and Ms. Purchia's faulty claim that conservatives don't "support" the environment, let's take at look at the answers to her question.

What has changed so drastically in the past 40 years of federal environmental laws is the ever-increasing power and overreach of unelected, unaccountable, unconstitutional federal bureaucracies into the lives of the American people, businesses and industries, under the bogus guise of "saving the planet." What has transpired is hoax after hoax by environmental extremists in positions of power, hoaxes used to push the tyrannical agenda that lies at the bottom of the environmentalist movement.

At its heart, the environmentalist movement is aligned with the Marxist dictates of the United Nations Agenda 21 scheme, which is nothing more than a global plan to tightly control the people of the world, to sharply curtail freedom, to eliminate private property, to commandeer resources and to redistribute the wealth of people and nations so that everyone is an equally miserable serf of the state. It is a Godless, anti-human movement born in the pit of Hell that has nothing to do with clean air and water and everything to do with brutal power over people's lives.

Nevertheless, Ms. Purchia states that to make conservatives like environmentalism,

... the rhetoric must change to show how protecting the environment is both a religious responsibility and economically beneficial.

I am willing to give Ms. Purchia points for her apparent sincerity, however misguided she may be. She really does appear to genuinely love--love the Earth and environment. She is the founder of a nonprofit, environmental group called Eden Keeper, which seeks to instill a religious element into environmental stewardship. In this, she has stumbled into one of the truths of environmentalism: it is indeed a religion, but a tyrannical, Godless one, because it places the Earth above people, and the Lord is nowhere to be found in it.

However, Ms. Purchia is either utterly deceived or horribly uninformed when she claims that there are "economic benefits" to environmentalism. Environmentalism, with its attendant horde of federal, state and local regulations and taxation on all aspects of business, energy, production, building, development and land use, is one of the most expensive, wealth-destroying, freedom-robbing monsters in existence. Beyond keeping the air and water clean, there are simply no economic benefits to this Marxist scheme, none.

Under Barack Obama we have seen a grotesque explosion in outrageous power grabs by the EPA, the Bureau of Land Management and other extra-constitutional environmentalist bureaucracies. One result of this is that more and more people clearly see the inherently evil fruit of the environmentalist movement. We see it in skyrocketing energy prices and other costs. We see it in unconscionable federal regulations that are deliberately closing down our power plants and preventing drilling for our own oil and other energy supplies.

The environmentalist movement does not have a messaging problem. It has a mental problem. Informed conservatives can see right through to its evil, tyrannical core. Ms. Purchia is only wasting her time imagining that there can be an effective way to "talk to conservatives about environmentalism," because conservatives will still recognize the pig under the lipstick.

Gina Miller is both a content editor and columnist for She's a native of Texas and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a conservative Christian political writer and radio/television voice professional.

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