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About Matt Bruce
Matt Bruce is a 2-time combat wounded U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran and has a son currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He also is a retired 25 year Fire-Rescue Captain and recipient of the Fire Department's Highest Award For Heroism, 'The Medal of Valor'. Now he is the Managing Editor & Publisher of News and host of the popular "The Captain's AMERICA" Radio Show heard nationally syndicated weekends on the ABC Starguide Satellite System, WGUL AM860 in Sarasota, FL, and via satellite and broadcast around the World on the Internet.
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Understanding What The TEA Party Is All About
Matt Bruce
January 11, 2014
To understand the TEA Party movement in America you first have to understand why they were formed and what they're all about.

Here are the 10 Key points of "The Contract From America" :

1) Protect The Constitution
2) Reject Cap and Trade
3) Demand a Balanced Budget
4) Enact Fundamental Tax Reform
5) Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government
6) End Runaway Government Spending
7) Defund, Repeal & Replace Government Run Health Care
8) Pass an "All Of The Above" Energy Policy
9) Stop The Earmarks and the Pork
10) Stop the Tax Hikes

The TEA Party groups believe that all of these 10 points are a common sense start to the problems faced by America today that must be dealt with by the new Congress in 2015.

For anybody who still doesn't realize what happened across America on November the 2nd, 2010 let me first say you weren't paying attention and secondly the TEA Party arose to become the power in Conservative Politics today that they are.

To all of those millions of people who have been or are involved in TEA Party Groups across America, they know what happened in 2010 and believe it will happen again in 2014, given the current Political Climate in Washington, DC and across America today.

It's no secret Americans of all ages and colors have had enough of the same old, same OLD way of doing business in Washington, DC and at our State Capitol's across America.

All of the lies and untruth's coming from Washington, DC and beyond have caused a great distrust between elected Politicians and the American people. All of the polls are currently showing that.

'We the People' are who the Politicians that we elect work for. Make no mistake, for those of you who don't understand or don't vote, 'WE the PEOPLE' vote them into office and 'WE the PEOPLE' can vote them out of office when they're not doing the job that we elected them to do.

The new group of City, County, State and Federal candidates running for office in 2014 will be one of the most scrutinized groups ever.

The American people, TEA Party Groups, various other 9-12 & Patriotic Groups and the World will be watching to see how we deal with our Economic problems including our Budget Deficit. What we do here in the USA could become the model for the rest of the World who is dealing with the same things we are.

Everybody knows we live and deal with a Global Economy and as the USA goes, so goes Europe, Asia, South America and the rest of the World.

Now let me address some of the pressing issues the TEA Party will be watching. First of all the Budget Deficit.

It is part of the TEA Party platform to bring the Federal Deficit as well as State Deficit's in line. Candidate's were first elected in 2010 who said they would do just that. Another group of Candidate's will be running on that promise once again in 2014.

It is also part of the TEA Party platform to deal with Illegal Immigration and not 'Fast Track' it or use 'Amnesty' to deal with it. The general consensus of the TEA Party movement is if you're here illegally, you're here illegally.

Illegal Immigration can be contributed to being the # 1 reason for Medicaid and many of our State Budgets being totally out of whack because the large number of Illegal Aliens are draining State Budget coffers to the tune of billions of dollars they simply can not afford to keep spending.

One of the main reasons that California is so hopelessly in debt is because the Illegal Aliens there are depleting funds needed by the State Government just to pay their State Employees which also include EMS, Firefighters, Police, Teachers and more.

This must stop!

If you take a look at the TEA Party's "Contract From America" back in 2010, it tells you all you need to know about the TEA Party's position in 2014 and beyond.

If the Congress fails to deal with what's been mentioned in 2014, the TEA Party and Americans from both sides of the aisle will once again vote them OUT and start over.

The TEA Party Movement is not going anywhere! It has in fact gotten much stronger with many new TEA Party Groups springing up all across America preparing for the 2014 Election. Folks from both sides of the Political aisle have had enough and want to elect a new Congress that will work for THEM and not the 'Special Interests' that control America.

Let it be said loudly and clearly that for those Politicians who do not get the message being sent to them by America in 2014 and for the TEA Party Groups, "You either do the job you were elected to do OR 'WE The People' will vote you OUT!"

That's the American Way and that's exactly what the American TEA Party Movement is all about. "We the People are the bosses of the people we elect."

God Bless America and all those who defend, protect and serve her in our Armed Forces keeping all of us free and safe...

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