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About Darlene Casella
Darlene Casella is a retired English teacher, a stockbroker and president/owner of a small corporation. Her writing can be found in a variety of new media publications including Family Security Matters.
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Pseudo Historians & Jewish History
Darlene Casella
December 30, 2013
Islamic fundamentalists try to obscure the fact that Jesus was born a Jew in Bethlehem. Again this year Arab Palestinian leaders claimed Jesus, issuing a statement calling him "a Palestinian messenger who would become a guiding light for millions around the world". Similar nonsense can be found on YouTube.

The lineage of Jesus can be traced back to Abraham and to the Jewish Kings David and Solomon; it is found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

King David is ancient Israel's most important king; his killing of the giant enemy soldier Goliath is legendary. King David is honored in Judaism and in Christianity. King Solomon was a son of King David and Bathsheba. The wisdom of King Solomon is found in his prolific writings. He composed The Book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes; and the Song of Songs. He built the first holy temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus was a Jew in Bethlehem more than 600 years before Islam was created. Islamic fundamentalists try to obscure that fact, and disconnect Jesus from his Jewish heritage. That geographic area was not known as Palestine when Jesus was born. Palestine was a name placed on the country of Israel by Roman Emperor Hadrian more than 100 years after the death of Christ. Hadrian was angry after suppressing the Bar Kokhba Revolt. His goal was to humiliate the Jews.

When Israel was granted legal statehood by the United Nations in 1948; she was immediately attacked by surrounding Arab nations. Their goal was to drive Israel into the sea, not to save "Palestinians" who lost land when Israel gained statehood, as implied by Arabs. "Palestinians" were not displaced to create the Jewish State. All were free to stay and be Israeli citizens. No conversion to Judaism was required. Some Arabs fled to bordering Arab nations during the 1948 war. They were not granted citizenship in the new countries. Israel was victorious against the attackers.

Many generations later, descendants (great grandchildren) of those who fled from Israel during the 1948 war call themselves refugees; and claim a "right to return" as part of any current Israel/Palestinian peace agreement.

The term Palestinian was created in 1964 for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the charter calls for the illimination of Israel. Yasser Arafat became the PLO leader in 1969, and was succeeded by Mahmoud Abbas. The PLO morphed into the Palestinian Authority, and in 1998 was renamed Palestine. In 2010 the United States upgraded PA's status to General Delegation. Two years later the UN's Chief of Protocol declared a "State of Palestine" designation shall be used on documents.

The State of Palestine is pseudo history. There has been no Palestinian nation, civilization, culture or language. There has never been a Palestinian state governed by Arabs until Gaza and the West Bank.

Christianity is disappearing in its own birthplace. Experts, including the Prince of Wales, assert this is due to organized persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The Prince devoted a reception for religious leaders at Clarence House to draw attention about the threat. Prince Charles said "Today the Middle East has the lowest concentration of Christians in the world, just 4% of the population". Bethlehem in the West Bank is controlled by Abbas and the Muslim PA; Christians are less than 2% of the population.

In response to diminished Christian numbers, Mahmoud Abbas issued a statement saying that Israel is kicking Christians out of the Holy Land. He blames Israel for lack of peace, and the exodus of Christians in the region. Mahmoud must have mistaken Israel for one of the surrounding Arab Islamic countries where Christians are persecuted and tortured and their churches burned.

Some world social studies books assert that Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus. This is wrong, and part of propaganda efforts to deny the historic place of Jews in the Middle East, and the connection between the birth of Jesus and the Jews.

Israel President Shimon Peres invited Roman Catholic Pope Francis to visit the Holy Land last April. Mahmoud Abbas in October also invited him. Pope Francis plans the visit on May 25, 2014.

Abbas issued a message regarding the Pontiff's visit:

"We call upon pilgrims from all over the world to come and experience Palestine and our Holy Sites. The Pope's visit will be a good opportunity for Christians from all over the world to become closer to their sisters and brothers in Palestine."

The Holy Sites are in the West Bank of Israel, currently controlled by Abbas. All Arab maps published in Jordan, Egypt, and the Middle East now show areas west of the Jordan River as Palestine. There is no Israel on the map.

Working to erase Jewish history from the Middle East has been one of the PA's greatest efforts. Abbas claims that Jerusalem has only Islamic and Christian history. This offends both Jews and Christians as it undermines the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

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