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The Sanger coordination appears to have been part of a larger strategy by the State Dept. to interact with handpicked journalists during the 2012 election cycle.
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White House, State Dept. Coordinated
National Security Leaks with Journalists

The Daily Caller
White House and State Department officials cooperated extensively on background with a New York Times journalist during the period that he broke confidential national security information in a series of leaks that prompted outrage from lawmakers, according to unearthed 2011 and 2012 emails.

The nonprofit organization Freedom Watch, which obtained the internal State Department emails through a Freedom of Information Act request, believes that the Obama administration carried out the leaks to bolster a tough image for itself on Iran.

Then-Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Michael Hammer and other State Department employees arranged background interviews between New York Times chief Washington correspondent David Sanger and State Department officials between December 2011 and March 2012 for Sanger's 2012 book Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power.

Sanger's book included leaks of confidential national security information, including details of the computer worm Stuxnet that was used in a cyberattack against Iran. Sanger linked the worm to a US-Israeli intelligence operation called "Operation Olympic Games" in a June 2012 New York Times article.

White House officials, including then-National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, began cooperating with Sanger before December 12, 2011.

"Yes, WH is cooperating, he has spent time with Donilon, others. They know he is looking to meet up with HRC and support," Hammer wrote to his colleague Phillippe Reines in a December 12, 2011 email with the subject line "RE: Sanger."

"Madam President, over the past few months there has been a disturbing stream of articles in the media and common among them, they cite elite, classified, or highly sensitive information in what appears to be a broader effort by the administration to paint a portrait of the President of the United States as a strong leader on national security issues–information for which there is no legitimate reason whatsoever to believe should be in the public domain," Sen. John McCain (Ri-AZ), said, according to June 5, 2012 transcripts of the Senate record.

"What price did the administration apparently pay to proliferate such a Presidential persona-highly valued in an election year? Access. Access to senior administration officials who appear to have served as anonymous sources divulging extremely sensitive military and intelligence information and operations," McCain said. "With the leaks that these articles were based on, our enemies now know much more than they did the day before they came out about important aspects of our Nation's unconventional offensive capabilities and how we use them."

State Department officials coordinated closely with Sanger in the months preceding McCain's statement, according to emails and other documents obtained by Freedom Watch...

Sanger provided the State Department a perfect opportunity to portray Obama and Clinton as taking a tough stance on Iran...

The emails show interactions as early as December 2011, and a document obtained by Freedom Watch shows a Sanger meeting with State Department officials on December 20, 2011...

"Uzra- as I mentioned, David Sanger of NYT, is writing a book on the Obama administration's foreign policy. We are coordinating with NSS, who has already spent time with him and supports Sanger's requests to Interview the Secretary, Bill and others. Before he sits down with the Secretary- probably in late January -we hope we might find time for him to talk with Bill," Hammer wrote to Uzra Zeya, then chief of staff to Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns, on December 15, 2011.

"We are having Sanger meet Jake and Kurt next week and Einhorn in early January. If Bill is willing, It would be super to schedule in early-to-mid January. The session would be on background as a Senior Administration official. Anything on the record would be subject to our approval. I think we would need a solid 45 minutes," Hammer continued in his email to Zeya on December 15, 2011.

State Department officials appeared to exchange information of such a sensitive nature with Sanger that it raised concerns about what the New York Times would report...

The Sanger coordination appears to have been part of a larger strategy by the State Department to interact with handpicked journalists during the 2012 election cycle.

"I think we should do Tom Friedman next- problem with him is that often he is on travel but if we have a window we can check if he is around. Otherwise, maybe we could do a chat with Fred Hiatt and Jackson Diehl of WaPo or Jerry Seib of WSJ," Hammer wrote to State Department special assistant Colleen Neville on December 15, 2011.

Hillary Clinton and State Department officials "intimately participated in leaking highly classified national security information concerning US cyber warfare capabilities and sources and methods, war plans against Iran should their nuclear program have to be militarily removed, and other top secret information," Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman told The Daily Caller.

"The reason for this was obviously to make President Obama and his administration look strong against terrorism in the lead up to the 2012 elections," Klayman said...

Klayman also said that he believes Clinton and former National Security Advisor Donilon were complicit in leaking details of the Stuxnet worm, based on his review of the documents.

The State Department did not return a request for comment.


Editor's Note: And like water off a duck's back, Hillary Clinton will shrug this crime off and continue on in her pursuit of power...

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