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Now Introducing: The Blame America First Reading of History by Nancy Salvato
Are We Ready for The Fundamental Transformation? by Nancy Salvato
His Bad Behavior Warrants His Impeachment by Frank Salvato
Huff & Puff Propagandizes A FOX Reality by Frank Salvato
A Perfect Example of the Progressive Hate Machine by Frank Salvato
Thanks, Reilly by Frank Salvato
‘Hard Choices’ Hard to Swallow by Frank Salvato
The Least Disruptive Education Environment by Nancy Salvato
Editor’s Notes: Eh! Who Cares About the Rules? by Frank Salvato
Aiken: Exactly What We Don’t Need In Politics by Frank Salvato
The Benghazi Memo Points to a Crime by Frank Salvato
Progressives & The Continued Urban Slaughter by Frank Salvato
An Oligarchy and Not a Republic? No Kidding? by Frank Salvato
The Danger of Granting Lerner Immunity by Frank Salvato
The BO Behind the Obamacare Numbers by Frank Salvato

NMJ Commentary:
Bordering on Madness by Thomas Sowell
The Left’s Dark Money Managers by Michelle Malkin
Why Does Anyone Defend Hamas & Their Culture Of Death? by David M. Huntwork
Has the Right Lost Its Will to Fight? by David Limbaugh
Jack Lew’s Flee America Plan by Editors, The Wall Street Journal
Why Liberals Should Stop Trying to ‘Help’ Black Americans by Jason L. Riley
When Friedrich Hayek Met Bruno Leoni by Todd Zywicki
What Should a ‘Do Something’ Congress Do? by David Corbin & Matthew Parks
French Jewry’s Moment of Truth by Michel Gurfinkiel
Cracks in the Democrats’ Foundation by Paul R. Hollrah
The Myth of Income Equality by Michael Shermer
Hobby Lobby Decision Chagrins Liberals by Robert E. Meyer
2014: Obama’s America by Victor Davis Hanson
Middle East Through the Looking Glass by Alexander Maistrovoy
Free Market Cures: Galectin Therapeutics Stock Is the Next Home Run by George Budwell
Nancy Pelosi’s Immodest Proposal: Open Houses by Lee Culpepper
Our Unwillingness to Defend Ourselves by Walter E. Williams
Lawsuits & Impeachment by Thomas Sowell
A Game Changer in Gaza by Daniel Greenfield
The Democrats’ War on Children by Lee Cary
Ceasefire/Containment Is No Longer An Option by Amb. Yoram Ettinger
Iraq War Revisionism by Paul R. Hollrah
Americans Content with Loss of Freedom by James Hall
The Metropalistan Opera by Tabitha Korol
The Moral Crisis on Our Southern Border by Victor Davis Hanson
A Bloody Endless Peace by Daniel Greenfield
Immigration Reformers Must ConsiderResults from 100 Years Ago by Roy Beck
Obama: Treacherous or Incompetent? by Lawrence Sellin, PhD
If Hillary Runs, It Won’t Be As a Clinton Democrat by Jeff Jacoby
Hollywood, Islam & Political Correctness by Oliver Williams
Spending & Morality by Walter E. Williams
Was the American Revolution Sinful? by Rod D. Martin
The Road to Benghazi: Operation Zero Footprint by Carolyn Elkins
Obama’s Massive Illegal Alien Invasion by Alan Caruba
A Primer on Race by Thomas Sowell
The Islamist Plague by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
How Obama Lost the Middle East by Victor Davis Hanson
The Great Soccer Mystery by Paul R. Hollrah
America Needs Some Common Sense… by Matt Bruce
Remember Your Right to Happiness by Daniel Greenfield
The Tyranny of the Harry Reid by Dave Hoppe
The Language of Despotism by Bruce S. Thornton
Why Do We Tolerate the Intolerable? by Janice Fiamengo
Economic Freedom by Walter E. Williams
For Too Many, It’s a Very Unhappy Fourth of July by Alan Caruba
America’s Birthday by Thomas Sowell
Our Consensus Rulers by Daniel Greenfield
The Board is Nailed by Tabitha Korol
Obama’s ‘Whack-a-Mole’ Dilemma by Paul R. Hollrah
What Economic Recovery? by Alan Caruba
Britain’s Days in the EU Are Numbered by Daniel Hannan
Meet Mitzi Bickers by Eliana Johnson
Boehner’s Feckless Plan to Sue Obama by Andrew C. McCarthy
The Obama National Security Team’s Expensive Lack of Focus by Tony Shaffer
Orchestrated Immigration Wave? Not So Paranoid to Think So by Investor's Business Daily
Exploiting Children:The Wicked Schemes of Democrats by Abernathy A. Crum
The Education Establishment’s Success by Walter E. Williams
A Lame Duck Country? by Thomas Sowell
Beware a Government That’s Here to Help by Andrew Napolitano
The Tough Decision to Leave the Classroom by Josh Waldron
Mexico: Manana is Here by Sol W. Sanders
Did You Spot How a Reporter Skews a Campaign Story? by Scott Ott
When Hell Appears to Be Other Americans by David Corbin & Matthew Parks
The Left’s Attack on Private Property by Paul R. Hollrah
Are the Two Political Parties About to Crack Up? by Michael Barone
Obama’s Legacy Threatens America’s Future by Alan Caruba
Will You Surrender Your Firearms? by James Hall
Sanders-McCain VA Reform Bill a Sham by Betsy McCaughey
Lots of Recent Man-Caused Disasters by Victor Davis Hanson
Green Energy for Dead Vets by Daniel Greenfield
Slavery Reparations by Walter E. Williams
Islam: Getting It Right by Sol W. Sanders
A Bitter After-taste by Thomas Sowell
A Nation Without a Country: Kurdistan by Darlene Casella
It’s Not Easy Being a Democrat by Paul R. Hollrah
Iraq Agonistes by Alan Caruba
A Euro for Your Thoughts by Sol W. Sanders
Really, Really, Really… by Gary Hofmeister
Reality Check by Walt Gardner
We Have MET the Enemy by Tabitha Korol
Obama’s Plan for Iraq: Let Iran Deal with It by Allen B. West
Military Bases: Obama’s New Illegal Alien Dumping Grounds by Michelle Malkin
Hey, Mr. Taliban by Daniel Greenfield
‘Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall’ by Alan Caruba
Who Owns You? by Walter E. Williams
The Long March Through the Republican Party by Daniel Greenfield
The President’s Very Real Military Problem by Diane Dimond
What Happened to Marine Deserter Wassef Ali Hassoun? by Michelle Malkin
The National Security Council Is No Place for Speechwriters by Kimberley A. Strassel
The Prisoner Swap Deal by Thomas Sowell
Benghazi: A Scandal or Fundamental Transformations? by Victor Davis Hanson
A Clueless President That Wears His Incompetence with Pride by Andrew Malcolm
From POWs to Men Left Behind: Everything Involves Politics by Carolyn Elkins
EPA’s Next Wave of Job-Killing CO2 Regulations by David Rothbard & Craig Rucker
No, Obama is Not Above the Law by Alan Caruba
Twilight of the Family by Daniel Greenfield
Dialing It In by Matthew Continetti
The Keynesian Fool Returns by David Stockman
Absolution in a Sophomoric Society by James Hall
Two Women Named Rice by Paul R. Hollrah
Extreme Option for Extreme Times by Darlene Casella
Why Team Obama Was Blindsided by the Bergdahl Backlash by Ralph Peters
The Post-Achievement Politics of Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton by Daniel Greenfield
The Ambassador & The Post Office by Thomas Sowell
Extreme Option for Extreme Times by Darlene Casella
Benghazi: Obama’s Battle of Midway by Paul R. Hollrah
Foreign Policy 101 by Sol W. Sanders
Terrorists & Europe’s ‘Newspeak’ by Peter Martino
The Regulatory Death of Energy in America by Alan Caruba
Time to Debunk Political Islam by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
White Privilege by Walter E. Williams
Our Oppressed Oppressors by Daniel Greenfield
Dead Poets Society by Daniel J. Flynn
Lord Obama by Victor Davis Hanson
The Labor Union that Runs the Media by Cliff Kincaid
CAIR Visits Franciscan Sisters by Tabitha Korol
Barack Obama & His Urban Parasites Declare War on the Constitution by William A. Levinson
Obama Fails to Show His Vaunted ‘Competence’ by Jeff Jacoby
Economic Growth is Not Enough by Sol W. Sanders
Conservatives Won’t Win If We Don’t Do This by Steve Deace
Training Our Soldiers to Be Godless by Dr. Rich Swier
Who Killed Federalism? by David Corbin & Matthew Parks
My Family Lives Memorial Day Everyday by David Jeffers
Operation Choke Point by Todd Zywicki
It All Depends on Who You Know by Paul R. Hollrah
The New Obama Narrative: Epic Incompetence by Peter Wehner
The Rise of Mob Rule in America by Amy Lutz
The Democrat Party’s Brain Damage by Daniel Greenfield
America’s Budding Tyrants by Walter E. Williams
Voter ID Opposition Is Irrational by Robert E. Meyer
The Peculiar Madness of ‘Trigger Warnings’ by Jonah Goldberg
Turning the Twin Cities into Sim City by Katherine Kersten
Bill, Hillary & The Haiti Debacle by Mary Anastasia O'Grady
Notes on the Institution of Marriage by Nelson Hultberg
Poverty & Snow Storms by Thomas Sowell
The Real Danger of Confusing Consensus with Science by Mike Haluska
Time for the States to Take Back Their Land from the Feds by Alan Caruba
Nigerian ‘Sex-Slaves’ Disrupt Obama Narrative on Islam by Raymond Ibrahim
What Freedom of Speech? by Paul R. Hollrah
Establishment Partisan Politics Protection Racket by James Hall
Six Degrees of Warmerization by Mark Steyn
America is Counting on Trey Gowdy’s Backbone by Joan Swirsky
End the War on Racism by Daniel Greenfield
Bonfire of the Humanities by Daniel Henninger
Science as McCarthyism by Rupert Darwall
A Lesson on Racial Discrimination by Walter E. Williams
The Real State of the Economy…Not Obama’s Lies by Alan Caruba
The Commonizing of Common Core by Tabitha Korol
The Praise of Folly by Alexander Maistrovoy
How the Affordable Care Act Could Collapse by Amity Shlaes
The Day Obama’s Presidency Died by Richard Fernandez
The Ancient Evil Religion of Political Correctness by David M. Huntwork
A Front-Row Seat at the Culture War by Frank Miele
Questions Not Asked… or Answered by Paul R. Hollrah
Obama’s Smoking Diplomatic Mission That Won’t Go Away by Lee Boyland
The ‘Un-Flation’ Watch by David Stockman
Obama Unleashes the Left by Daniel Henninger
First Fruits Of Common Core: Holocaust Denial by Investor's Business Daily Editorial
America’s Red Guard by Daniel Greenfield
Coming End to Racial Preferences by Walter E. Williams
Al Qaeda’s Expanding Caliphate by Norman Bailey
Washington’s Strategic Mistake in Iraq: Abandoning Iran’s Opposition by Dr. Walid Phares
Why Benghazi Matters by Michael Walsh
Hate Laws Intended to Silence Truth by James Hall
Moral Bankruptcy by Thomas Sowell
Why ‘Benghazi’? by Sol W. Sanders
Science, Free Speech & The Courts by Alan Caruba
The Stolen Election of 2012 by Paul R. Hollrah
Should California Dictate US Energy Policies? by Paul Driessen
The Maltz Maneuver by Tabitha Korol
The Heavy Hand of the IRS Seizes Innocent Americans’ Assets by George F. Will
Sterling, Sharpton & Jay Z by Jeffrey Lord
Rate Buster by Will Fitzhugh
Checking My Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege by Tal Fortgang
A Clinton Presidency: A Continuation of Obama’s Foreign Policies by Carolyn Elkins
Sotomayor Explains Holder & Obama’s Reasoning on Race by Dan Henninger
Hillary Clinton’s Problem Isn’t Age…It’s Experience by Daniel Greenfield
Donald Sterling’s Words Were Vulgar, But Private by Jeff Jacoby
Harry Reid: A McCarthy for Our Time by Victor Davis Hanson
The Constitution or Good Ideas? by Walter E. Williams
What About The NAACP? by Bob Lonsberry
The Media Is Turning on President Obama by MIchael Goodwin
Demonizing the Helpers by Thomas Sowell
Cliven Bundy, Racism, Politics & History by Victor Davis Hanson
Are Lying & Politics the Same Thing? by Alan Caruba
Why We Should Lower the Minimum Wage by Peter Slovenski
In Africa, a Real ‘War on Women’ by Clifford D. May
Does the GOP Have a Shot at Wooing Disgruntled Millennials? by Joel Kotkin
Can Environmentalists Deceive Conservatives? by Gina Miller
The Khomeinist Dome: Iran’s Larger Nuclear Strategy by Dr. Walid Phares
Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Trap by Jonah Goldberg
Cliven Bundy & The Rural Way by Victor Davis Hanson
After the Bundy Fracas by Ben Carson
Wage Discrimination by Walter E. Williams
The High Cost of Liberalism by Thomas Sowell
Wrestling Chaos in America’s Classrooms by Lee Culpepper
The United States of SWAT? by John Fund
The Sad State of the Economics Profession by Frank Hollenbeck
Obama’s War on US Energy by Alan Caruba
The Racist, Discriminating Democrat Party by Ronn Torossian

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