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Progressives & The Continued Urban Slaughter by Frank Salvato
An Oligarchy and Not a Republic? No Kidding? by Frank Salvato
American Capitalism & The Illusion of Laissez Faire by Frank Salvato
Re-Writing Benghazi for Political Purposes by Frank Salvato
Editor’s Notes: Two Headlines That Explain a Lot by Frank Salvato
The Danger of Granting Lerner Immunity by Frank Salvato
The BO Behind the Obamacare Numbers by Frank Salvato
It Is Time, Democrats, to Send Mr. Reid Home by Frank Salvato
When Disappointment Comes from The Right by Frank Salvato
Just What Is McAuliffe Up To? by Frank Salvato
The Unbridled Hate of Hate Speech Laws by Frank Salvato
It’s Not a War on Christmas by Frank Salvato
Lessons from the Virginia Gubernatorial Election by Frank Salvato
How Obamacare Screws the Working Class…Hard by Frank Salvato
The Fomentation of a Government Shut Down by Frank Salvato

NMJ Commentary:
After the Bundy Fracas by Ben Carson
Wage Discrimination by Walter E. Williams
The High Cost of Liberalism by Thomas Sowell
Wrestling Chaos in America’s Classrooms by Lee Culpepper
The United States of SWAT? by John Fund
The Sad State of the Economics Profession by Frank Hollenbeck
Obama’s War on US Energy by Alan Caruba
The Racist, Discriminating Democrat Party by Ronn Torossian
Why Yellen Should Leave Us Scream’en by David Stockman
Bring Back the HUAC by Paul R. Hollrah
Time Bombs in Democrat Coalition by Mona Charen
A New, More Sinister IRS Scandal by J. Christian Adams
Equality in Discipline by Walter E. Williams
Globalist Gangster’s Nevada Land Grab by James Hall
Statistical Frauds by Thomas Sowell
Real Americans Are Ready to Snap by Brandon Smith
Ideology/Incompetence? by Sol W. Sanders
From Hijab to Jihad by Tabitha Korol
Obama’s Chickens Have Come Home by Paul R. Hollrah
Long Live The Republic! by David M. Huntwork
Stereotyping Injustice by Lee Culpepper
How to Assist Evil by Walter E. Williams
A Halo for Selfishness by Thomas Sowell
What Principles Rule the GOP? by Jonah Goldberg
Our Leaders: Worse than Neville Chamberlain by Carolyn Elkins
I’m Fighting to Restore a Free Society by Charles G. Koch
Underground Commerce Is the Real Economy by James Hall
Looking for Answers to the Autism Epidemic in All the Wrong Places by Joan Swirsky
Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote Isn’t ‘Voter Suppression’ by Hans A. von Spakovsky
Fish Instead of People, Ideologies Without Consequences by Victor Davis Hanson
Obama’s Top-and-Bottom Coalition Shows Signs of Strain by Michael Barone
Sex & Race Equality by Walter E. Williams
How Foreign Is Our Policy? by Thomas Sowell
Democrats Being Democrats by Paul R. Hollrah
Obamacare is an American Catastrophe by Alan Caruba
When The Facts Don’t Fit The Progressive Script by David Corbin & Matthew Parks
Progressives Think All Political Parties Should Embrace Liberal Values by David M. Huntwork
Hobby Lobby A Case of Religious Freedom, Not Women’s Rights by Betsy McCaughey
Congressional Muscle & US Foreign Policy by Amb. Yoram Ettinger
The ‘War Against Doctors’ by Emily Hulsey
Untruthful & Untrustworthy Government by Victor Davis Hanson
Bizarre Arguments & Behavior by Walter E. Williams
Bullies Rule by John Stossel
Republicans & Blacks by Thomas Sowell
‘Travel Is Fatal to Prejudice, Bigotry& Narrow-Mindedness…’ by Tabitha Korol
Of Pre- & Postmodern Poseurs by Victor Davis Hanson
Blue State Blues by Paul R. Hollrah
US Electricity System in Regulatory & Terrorist Cross-Hairs by Paul Driessen
Is There Wage Stagnation? by Walter E. Williams
‘The Lost Spring’ Launched Into the Space of Ideas by Dorothy A. Logan
Trampling on the TEA Party by David Jeffers
Ukraine…Crimea….Akron, Ohio? Why Does It Matter? by Scott Malensek
The Path to War by Alan Caruba
Democrats & GOP Establishment Ally to Crush Conservatives by Lee Cary
The Downside of Inciting Envy by Arthur C. Brooks
A Constitution More or Less for the Trampling by Frank Miele
US Energy, the Ukraine & Russia by Alan Caruba
The ‘Jihadi Fire Ant’ Attacks Scholar Walid Phares by Joelle Sawaya
Bill & Hillary: Bonnie & Clyde by Paul R. Hollrah
Channeling Ronald Reagan in 2016 by Jonah Goldberg
The Black Hitler of Harlem by Daniel Greenfield
The Left’s Fantasies of Cultural Ghettos by Daniel Greenfield
Does a 100 Trillion Debt Total Matter? by James Hall
1914: The West Starts Dying by Mike Konrad
Governed by Rules, Not Men by Walter E. Williams
Rape, the Whirlwind* by Tabitha Korol
President Obama’s Power Grab by Jonathan Turley
The Real ‘Red Line’ by Sol W. Sanders
The Left v. Minorities by Thomas Sowell
Barack Obama & The West: Weakened by Fatal Narcissism by Janet Daley
Using Your Vote by Matt Bruce
A Revolution for the Constitution by Tom DeLay
Russia’s Propaganda Warriors Are On the March by Anne Elizabeth Applebaum
Today Crimea, Tomorrow ‘Palestine’ by Mark Langfan
Obama, Russia & The Wages of Weakness by Charles Krauthammer
What Freedom of the Press? by Paul R. Hollrah
The Return of ‘The Horror of History’ by Alexander Maistrovoy
The Cool War Cometh by Sol W. Sanders
Calling the Global Warming Charlatans ‘Nazis’ by Alan Caruba
The Lost Spring by Dr. Walid Phares
How Hard Will We Be On the Post-Obama President? by Victor Davis Hanson
Black People Duped by Walter E. Williams
The Coming Collapse of the Welfare State by Daniel Greenfield
Freedom Is Not Free by Thomas Sowell
America, We Can Do Better by Gov. Bobby Jindal
Will SCOTUS Permit EPA Climate Fraud? by Paul Driessen
A Long Walk (Back) to Freedom by David Corbin & Matthew Parks
‘Frozen’: A Conflict of Negative & Positive Rights? by Thomas Bogle
How Maddow’s MSNBC Takeover Dooms the Left by Daniel Greenfield
The Progressive Destruction of the US by Alan Caruba
The ‘Iran Deal’: Washington’s Gravest Mistake in Foreign Policy by Dr. Walid Phares
Protesters in Ukraine & Venezuela Seek the Rule of Law by Michael Barone
A Socialism Spill on Aisle 9 by Daniel Greenfield
Solutions to Black Education by Walter E. Williams
Two Americas by Bob Lonsberry
Why Putin’s Gaze is Fixed on Ukraine by Clifford D. May
A Quest for Commonality by Tabitha Korol
The ‘Fairness’ Fraud by Thomas Sowell
A World Ablaze…But Different Fuels by Sol W. Sanders
Federalism: The Founders’ Legacy by Nelson Hultberg
Zombies, the Apocalypse & The Decline of the Republic by David M. Huntwork
Inside Obama’s Head by Paul R. Hollrah
Pardon My Paranoia by Alan Caruba
Obama Silences Complaining Employers with IRS by Betsy McCaughey
Obama: The Shrinking Imperialist President by Jonah Goldberg
Concealing Evil by Walter E. Williams
One Election Away from Losing Our Freedom by Daniel Greenfield
The Outdated Business Model of Diversity, Inc. by Victor Davis Hanson
A Test We Mustn’t Fail by Sol W. Sanders
Another Galling Betrayal by Thomas Sowell
The Green Gulag by Daniel Greenfield
The United States of Decline by Deroy Murdock
Conservative Principles & The Common Man by David M. Huntwork
Liberal Media in Free Fall by Alan Caruba
Wooing Wyoming: Part 2 by Tabitha Korol
Man-Given Rights & Government Gone Wild by Frank Miele
Don’t Celebrate Eric Holder’s Pending Departure by J. Christian Adams
Obama’s Newspeak by Victor Davis Hanson
Obama’s Hollow Promises Abroad by Daniel Pipes
Obama: Public Enemy Number One by Alan Caruba
The Costs of the Environmentalism Cult by Offsite
The Hillary Papers: Why Now? by Lee Cary
The Original, Right-Wing Extremist by David M. Huntwork
The Unconventional King: Abdullah II of Jordan by Darlene Casella
Dependency, Not Poverty by Walter E. Williams
Why is Everything Going Wrong? by Sol W. Sanders
Full Employment Redefined by the Obama Regime by Lee Cary
US is Going Bankrupt One City at a Time by Alan Caruba
Honey…the Iranians Are Here by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
The Left’s Valentine to Defiant Jihad-Enabler Lynne Stewart by Michelle Malkin
America Has Lost Her Will to Live by Selwyn Duke
‘Our Goal is Jerusalem’: Militant Islamists in Southeast Europe by Dr. Gordon N. Bardos
Fixing the News by Daniel Greenfield
Benny Goodman & The GOP’s Support for Amnesty by Lee Cary
On the State of the Confusion* by Amb. Henry F. Cooper
You Can’t Save the World by Daniel Greenfield
Schoolteacher Cheating by Walter E. Williams
Republicans to the Rescue? by Thomas Sowell
A (Lame) Duck Dynasty? by David Corbin & Matthew Parks
Obamaddiction: Defining Criminality Down by Melanie Phillips
Our Icarus-in-Chief by Victor Davis Hanson
Dr. Barry Rubin Dead at 64 by Rick Moran
‘Leading from Behind’ to a New World Disorder by Jeff Jacoby
Americans Are Losing Their Freedom by Alan Caruba
Deceiving the Nation by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Build the Keystone Pipeline, Already! by Paul Driessen
Palestinian Myths: The Right of Return of Their Refugees by David Bukay
The Heroism of Wendy Davis by Ann Coulter
The Inequality Bogeyman by Thomas Sowell
The Poison of Postmodern Lying by Victor Davis Hanson
Politics of Hate & Envy by Walter E. Williams
Headed to the Middle Ages: Lebanese States of Europe by Alexander Maistrovoy
I Am Afraid of My Government by Alan Caruba
The Solution Is the Problem by Daniel Greenfield
Federal Agencies Target ‘Right’ Groups Again by JB Williams
Sec. Kerry, It’s Not the Demography by Amb. Yoram Ettinger
When Net Neutrality Becomes Programmed Censorship by James Hall
Coddling the Muslim Brotherhood by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
A Very Cold Reality by Alan Caruba
Chill Out by John Stossel
The US Chamber of Commerce v. America by Michelle Malkin
Washington’s Artful Diplomatic ‘Engagement’ by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Democrats’ Failure Factories by Betsy McCaughey
The EPA’s Agenda: Undermine Capitalism & America by Alan Caruba
Public School Discipline & Obama’s Egalitarian Society by Lee Culpepper
The Totalitarians of New York by Daniel Greenfield
The Last Generation of the West & The Thin Strand of Civilization by Victor Davis Hanson
A King for the Oppressed…Not a King for the Oppressors by Dr. Walid Phares
Wooing Wyoming by Tabitha Korol
Fact-Free Liberals by Thomas Sowell
Obama’s War on US Energy by Alan Caruba
What is Not Holding the World Together by Sol W. Sanders
A Miracle on the Nile by Dr. Walid Phares
Why Are High Ranking Officers Being Purged from the US Military? by Michael Snyder
John Kerry, Jihad Coddler by Michelle Malkin
History Lesson for The President by Betsy McCaughey
Congressional Recognition for Dr. Walid Phares by Dr. Walid Phares
Outrage is the New Identity Politics by Daniel Greenfield
Income Inequality by Walter E. Williams
China Becomes Largest Trading Nation by James Hall
Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone by Michelle Malkin
Handouts Aren’t Enough by Eli Lehrer
Christie, Hillary & Obama by Thomas Sowell
The Rural Way by Victor Davis Hanson
Why People Fail by Daniel Greenfield
Obama Affordable Care Act Hurts Twice As Many As It Helps by Betsy McCaughey
How Saudi Hate Propaganda Empowered Iran by James Lewis
Understanding What The TEA Party Is All About by Matt Bruce
A Palestinian State: Would it Further US Interests? by Amb. Yoram Ettinger
Risking Lives to Promote Climate Change Hype by Paul Driessen
Beware the Left-Wing-Funded ‘Main Street’ Republicans by Michelle Malkin
Is China Copying the Old Imperial Japan? by Victor Davis Hanson
The Four Great Waves of Defense Neglect by Peter Huessy, The Gatestone Institute
Should the Electeds Be Exempt from the Affordable Care Act? by Darlene Casella
The ‘Trickle-Down’ Lie by Thomas Sowell
Obama: America’s Clear & Present Danger by Col. Allen West (ret.)
Obamacare’s Path & The Rule of Law by David Corbin & Matthew Parks
Politics & Minimum Wage by Walter E. Williams
Twisted Understanding of The Constitution Leads to This by David M. Huntwork
The United Nations Cesspool by Alan Caruba

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